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Ausy Roads Authority Using iMacs =)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by jonnyblobby, Apr 6, 2004.

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    I walked into the Sydney City Roads & Traffic Authority Yesterday to obtain a new drivers licence and was very surprised to find that every one of the 30 or so workstations had brand new 15" iMac's running Panther. And then behind the workstations that serve customers, on about 20 more desks there was even more iMac's. This is a big step from what the RTA offices used to use as there main workstations, that was just some Windows 3.11 Workstations with tiny 5 inch monochrome monitors.

    There was still one single Dell workstation running 2000, but was in a corner on the floor.

    I also noticed that my visit to the RTA that day was allot faster and smoother than any other visit before the iMacs where there. Yet the amount of people that day was almost double that of any other time I had been to this office.

    I have not yet been to any other Sydney Roads & Traffic Authority offices since yesterday. But I am sure that this upgrade to the iMacs would not be limited to just this one office, due to compatibility with there network.

    If anyone else in Australia Reads this, let us know if you spot any iMacs at any RTA office you visit.

    I will take a digital camera with me next time I visit an RTA office and post a Pic.
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    I always knew there was something good about Australia! I hope that more Aussies follow suit.
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    Not a mac in sight at the Padstow RTA :( Full of ye olde computers with tiny monitors
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    Even more!

    Not related to the RTA having macs now,
    but my has just moved to a new office is Pyrmont in Sydney.
    On the newly restored 'Jones Bay Wharf'
    All the offices on the wharf have been here no more than 4 months, but I have already gone past only one 1/2 of the wharf and have seen 3 offices that have been mac based.

    A Power Boat company on the lower level near the cafe I go to has about 20 17" iMacs inside.

    Another office has a mixture of iMacs and eMacs throughout.

    My office has just my Powerbook G3 'Pismo' and another person with a 550mhz Ti-Book.
    But I just bought a new Dual 1.8 G5 through work for my main edit workstation as a replacement to some Compaq Evo one I used before.
    My Plan, as the new office technician, is to replace all the workstations here with iMacs when the current PC's reach there life's end.
    There will be no more PC purchases here thats for sure.

    Before the G5 came, I was forced to take some work home to finish it on my G4, as the $6000 Compaq edit workstation was still unable to do a good job at Authoring a decent DVD without us having to purchase Adobe Encore DVD (about AUD$1300) and then needing to get Winblows XP (about AUD$700) as encore DVD only runs on XP and not 2000 for who knows what reason...

    Sorry to get a bit of the thread I first posted...
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    Sorry, where is this branch? Near Central?
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    Near Central Station in Sydney

    The RTA office I am referring to is a branch near Central Station in Sydney:

    Centennial Plaza Motor Registry,
    Ground Floor, Centennial Plaza,
    260 Elizabeth St, SYDNEY 2000
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    Ok, thanks. I'll try and get down there soemtime...

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