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Auto hdmi switch that works with ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jwjsr, Aug 30, 2013.

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    any one know of of one that the AUTO feature will work with the ATV. What i hear is that none of them will auto switch to the next device because the ATV is always sending a signal that renders the AUTO switch feature moot, you have to use a remote or get up and manually switch
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    Apple fanboy

    I once I have used my ATV I have to power mine off at the mains to get it to choose either of the other 2 options. Really annoying, even if it did just cost around (£20)
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    I bought the Oppo HM-31 switch a long time ago:

    It was used originally with an Apple TV1, later with an Apple TV2 and now with an ATV3. It has worked perfectly with all of them, automatically switching between the various devices as they are turned on. I have almost never had to use the remote. I have not used any other HDMI switch.
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    Just what i need, coincidently i have the oppo-103.
    Called oppo they no longer make them and they were $100, only one on ebay is buy it now for $700.00
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    I have the 301bn and it does not auto switch when the ATV is turned "off", the 501 is no different you still have to use the kinovo remote or get up and manually switch it.
    From your link for the 501BN ---Note: Apple TV keeps its HDMI port active even in the sleep state. Hence, auto-switching may not work with the Apple TV. Manual switching can still be used in this scenario.
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    get a harmony remote
    if you need a switch then you probably have multiple remotes
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    yes, i think u are saying program the harmony to eliminate the kinovo remote?
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    yes the harmony remote can change input on the switch

    mine has 3 activities

    watch tv
    PS3 - im using usb trick to make it work with harmony one
    Apple tv

    when i press apple tv on the screen harmony remote

    it will turn the tv on ,switch the kinivo to input 2 and wake the apple tv from sleep

    you just have to add the switch into the harmony program in devices , then add it to the activities

    when i first wrote get the cheapest harmony i thought you could get the harmony 300 for $20 new like i did back in 2011
    but now i see there disco and cost $50, so just get which ever new remote they have

    this remote is the best , i have the harmony one but i see thats disco too

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