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auto tile 100's of images?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by poohat1000, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Hey guys, i have used batch process to make a whole bunch of photos one size. I need to create a single 'photo wall' jpg out of them in which they're all tiled, the long way of doing this is to obv open them all and copy, paste into the psd, then flatten, but thats really, really time consuming. I was wondering if anyone knew if photoshop had any type of auto import & tile feature? I may have to do this a 2nd time with 1000's of images so I'm really hoping there's a more time friendly method.. Thanks
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    Do you have InDesign? You can easily import your photos into a large grid automatically and generate a jpeg from there.
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    ah yes, im not familiar with it though, do you have a tutorial?
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    nevermind, worked out the indesign solution, if anyone has a photoshop method though I'd really appreciate it
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    I believe the only way to do this quickly in photoshop is to create a contact sheet. Try File > Automate > Create Contact Sheet. You should be able to choose the photos, and create a grid with the available options.

    You can also achieve this in Adobe Bridge.

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