Autodesk commits to Mac with Maya

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2006.

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    That's good news, but I wish they'd commit to AutoCAD for the Mac!
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    That's great news. :D
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    No kidding! C'mon Autodesk port AutoCAD. (Although I really don't care anymore, Vectorworks, Archicad, TurboCAD, Sketchup, etc. All work fine for my purposes.) AutoCAD may be the industry standard but in reality it seems only better at doing cookie cutter designs than its competitors and only because the CLI is faster.
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    Something from Apple's site:

    Hopefully with a future port of SolidWorks, AutoDesk might have enough reason to port AutoCad to OS X too. It's always something you can hope for (that and for Catia to run finally on OS X :p)
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    "Twenty per cent of Maya sales are Mac," he said. "We'd be insane to leave the Mac market."

    Hold on... what about the people who say there's no reason for a company to care about any market except the ONE largest one? ;)

    Also, I just noticed today that Lightwave 3D 9 Universal is in progress :) :)

    And in addition, they've recently confirmed it for release in 2006 :)
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    Because even if there is a segment of the market who will install Windows on their Macs for 1 program. There is a larger segment like me who would rather try and find a OS X compatible replacement for that software.
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    That--and the fact that the Mac market is growing.

    Some Mac software sales will be lost due to Mac users deciding "Windows is good enough." But not very many :D The growth of the Mac market will far more than offset that.

    Bottom line, making Mac software is already profitable and has been for years. And that's only getting better!
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    Inventor for Mac......PLEASE!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: *HOPES*
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    Haha! Sorry I didn't notice the smiley face of sarcasm. :eek:

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