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Autodesk doesn't want to sell Sketchbook Pro in Australia?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by zarusoba, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I live in Australia and I can't seem to buy Sketchbook Pro. None of the local co's listed in Autodesk's site seem to handle the product. Autodesk's download is for the US only; same with Amazon. It's weird, because Autodesk allows trial downloads to Australia, but not purchases.

    I did find one US online store which seems to ship internationally. Thing is, I also want to find out if there is an academic pricing for this product.
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    Try StormFX or Digistor both companies have a very good relationship with Autodesk if they don't have it they'll be able to order it in for you.
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    Thanks. I tried StormFX but they referred me to another co. which has been unresponsive.
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    Same Here

    I also tried a while back to locate a copy i am in Cyprus and also faced difficulties.I believe autodesk are dragging their feet as it's a mac only program. I Think autodesk are partners with microsoft as autocad is one of the last bastions of microsoft.This progra works great wit ink and a wacom tablet.
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    I agree that they're dragging their feet, but this software is available for Windows XP and Vista. I believe it was developed for Tablet PCs.

    I've used the trial version and I think it's great, but I wouldn't want to waste my time with software that a developer doesn't really want to sell.

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