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Autodesk making Alias line of products for Mac OS X

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 24, 2009.

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    hope this isnt dumb but does this mean 3ds max is comin to mac?
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    I'm certainly no expert but I'm fairly sure that Maya, not Max, is Alias' 3D modelling app.
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    ahh my bad. Thanks
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    bout time!
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    Maya is Alias's 3-D app (already available for Mac OS X). Autodesk bought Alias, just as they had bought 3-D Max.

    This news BTW was also reporte after MWSF, AutoCAD, 3-D Max etc is all coming to OS X!

    I hope that Smoke and Inferno are too!
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    Maya having been available for OSX for a few years now, I assume they mean Alias' CAD based products.
    Wake me up when SoftImage gets a decent Mac port. Been pleading for that for years. :cool:
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    SoftImage was acquired by Autodesk last year so it could happen if all their 3D apps are being ported.

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    Autodesk owns all three major 3D (3Dmax, Maya, Softimage) software. This has a lot of people in the 3D industry worried.
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    Where did you read that AutoCAD is also coming to the Mac?? That would be sweeeet.........

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