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Automotive: Ipad in-dash mount?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by RianFlynn, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Hey friends,

    I really can't imagine how cool an ipad mounted/charged in my car as the in-dash stereo system would be.

    Google maps for traffic reports
    Buying records from itunes on the road
    Updating podcasts while stuck in traffic

    thats just the beginning... i'm sure i'm going to get flamed by a bunch of people saying that there are better things for the car... but I don't really want to hear it.

    Any ideas on what it would take to actually make this happen in an 07 honda accord coupe? haha

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    Yay, more car accidents caused by driver distraction!
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    Then why not talk about this amongst your homies?

    This is a Message Board.
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    there are a ton of negative people taking out their frustrations on the ipad. All i'm saying is keep it on topic...

    How can i mount it in a car?

    not is it a good idea. haha

    Thanks homieesss :)
    Rian Flynn
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    But it sure would be nice if people could grow up and not always act like they're superior to everyone else especially when the person simply put forth an idea ... but this is the internet.

    Anyway, I think it's a neat idea, but I'm not sure how practical it would be. For instance in my car I don't know that I'd have a good place to put it. The iPad is a little bit large to have mounted on the window. But it could work really well maybe for passenger navigation.
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    I was under the impression that most new cars come with in dash computer systems anyway. Though none of them offer as enticing distractions as the iPad.

    I say if you have the money, buy one and insert it into your car, just don't be an idiot and try to browse the web, or play a racing game by quickly jerking your steering wheel around.

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    You cant be serious. Maybe luxury cars, and as options...but most new cars? i dont think so.
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    I really have no idea what that sentence says.

    I'm sure there will be mounts for making it an oversized TomTom/Garmin nav device along with the usual connections to the stereo for audio. But please, people get in enough accidents texting and talking on the phone w/o a headset that they need to be careful.

    I can tell you one, thing, leave it mounted and you'll find a broken window and no iPad before long.
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    Oh kid, there are a lot of haters on this forum when it comes to adding technology to your car. They're really selling the human race short. If we believed everything they say, we wouldn't have fighter planes, jet planes, space shuttles, helicopters or maybe even formula 1 race cars. We are capable of so much.

    There's a lot to consider when adding something like that to your car. Is it going to be dedicated to the car? Do you need to remove it? Do you want it to replace your stereo? Do you like your stereo? Do you want to have it connect to an iPhone compatible stereo and control the music through that system while using the Google maps app for directions? Do you want turn by turn directions? How should it be powered?

    I'll be happy to give you some guidance if you're interested. Just respond in this thread or PM me.
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    great.....just because fighter planes have computers does not mean cars should have dash mount computers.

    fighter pilots are TRAINED....ricers are not.....

    its against the law in canada in several places to even operate a device while driving...talking ....texting or email.

    soon it will that way world wide.
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    Gosh guys, Right now my car has a computer. Built in navi and stereo... Obviously i'm not going be playing games while I'm driving! haha There are a million ways to be distracted while driving and its our responsibility to be safe.

    This is something I'm going to do because having the ability to buy a record at a stop light, have traffic updated nav ect ect is AWESOME

    Anyway, i'm done catering to the negativasauruses hahaha
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    Hey brother! Thanks for the help!

    Ok this is what is ideal for me:

    I would like to remove it.
    I want it to replace my current stereo
    It should be charged while connected
    My car has steering wheel controls so it would be nice to control the volume and tracks on the stereo.

    Whats this going to take?

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    For the sake of representing a minority voice on this forum, I'll respond to this. I'm not here to change your mind and you're not going to change my mind.

    Where I'm from if a person wants to operate a motor vehicle they are trained by their family and/or take classes before being certified to drive. Also where I live, the state only prohibits texting while driving and all television broadcasts must be played behind the driver. Of course this is a moot point but going around stating "ricers," are not trained is too vague and too easy to disprove because of its ambiguity.

    I gave the above example of fighter planes, etc to illustrate that human beings can do much more than what we are limited to or limit ourselves from. I admit that some have a much greater aptitude for this practice and it's not unreasonable to believe that there could be plenty of people cable of operating advanced vehicles but don't know it or can't it express it.

    Training can only exists after someone or some set of people pioneer whatever "it," should happen to be. Would you make the Wright brothers get some sort of aviation license before they took their first flight? Who trained them? Did they train others? If not, why do we have planes all across the world now? The point I'm trying to make is, training doesn't always exist and is not always necessary.

    So what do we have? We have people who want to and who have modified their vehicles with technology for their own benefits. If this truly bothers you, make a video and post it on Youtube, contact your local media and expose this new danger on the road. Also why not demand the end of touch screen factory radio/navigation systems. Until then people will modify their vehicles. No one lives in a world that's exactly how they want it to be.

    Since there seems to be no federal-like statues regarding driving in Canada, I found the Ontario version of the law you were describing. It seems that as long as it's not hand held, the law is not applicable. Mounting an iPad behind the dash should make operating this device legal. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/distracted-driving/index.shtml

    I also found this website that tries to address the "operating a device while driving." Apparently conversations can be enough to get you into trouble in Canada. The laws seem so vague that you can be penalized for many different activities illustrated in this game. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/safety/distracted-driving/index.shtml
    Here are the different laws that can snag you: http://www.caa.ca/driventodistraction/what/distracted.html
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    Hurray for the nanny state.
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    training is in place to save lives and prevent accidents.

    maybe you can pay my ticket from nova scotia for operating the BUILT IN gps in my escalade.
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    Okay. Right now it seems best to hold off until some 3rd party mounts are created. Maybe have something that mounts to your support bolts for your seats. I use a modified version of this for my iPhone: http://cgi.ebay.com/ARKON-Satellite...lite_Radio?hash=item563932a022#ht_1117wt_1167

    Look into finding a deck that allows iPhone compatibility and steering wheel controls for your vehicle. This will charge the iPad, control music through your deck and let you use your steering wheel controls. Here's something I would piece together: http://signature.crutchfield.com/s_130P710BT/Pioneer-Premier-DEH-P710BT.html?search=premier&ssi=5
    With that deck you get one USB cable that handles power, control and audio. Some decks divided USB power and control from the audio. I don't like that.
    Also find the compatible steering wheel control interface. Here's one: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_127SWIPS/PAC-SWI-PS.html?tp=3405

    With the above you'll get a seamless charging and music control from just one cable. You'll have a great stereo that will let you choose your music and playlists from the deck. When you need maps from the iPad you just swipe and go to maps. The music will play uninterrupted and you'll get your information. When you download an album and want to hear it, you'll go to the Purchased on iPad music playlist and have that music waiting for you. Properly configured, all your controls will work. If you need internet, you just pull over and unmount your iPad and surf away.
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    I agree.

    Okay, I'll pay that ticket if your people keep pumping out more actors like Ellen Page.
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    my people?

    you do realize were the same?....im not a gorilla...im a human....i may eat a shizload of apple pies....but im still human.
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    I'll take that remark to mean you understand the humor in my post. Does Ellen Page eat a "shizload," of apple pies as well? Inquiring minds would like to know... ;)
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    Where did that come from? Was that an attempt to generalize the OP? If so, good job, but not really.

    And yes, this is a message board, and what exactly was your point? :confused:
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    Ford Sync is available in all of Fords 2010, and most of their 2009 line up. And although it isn't a gigantic touch screen in all cases, it's still a computer system, and that's what I was saying.

    Not to mention all of the other car companies have similar offerings.

    So yes, yes I am serious.
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    i dont know if she loves apple pies....but she is definitely not a gorilla....haha
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    Car audio

    Yea, I had the same idea and posted it on another site. So my car allows a iPod connected. Why not have a univesal mount that is adjustable. It fits under your current stereo in the gap that many cars have. The mount would be hinged so that you slip the iPad into a dock to conevt it. You then push the unit into place and it has a small locking device t hold it in. You know have a device that replaces your older stereo and you can controll not not music but calls and navigation from the device.
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    Attention There Is Already A Mount Available

    Hello Everybody, Haters & FRIENDS

    i use this one company for all of my mounting needs. They have a GREAT mount for the Ipad ALREADY... Please go to:


    There are NO electronics (Dock) but I am SURE you all can figure out that a simple car adapter will work fine. MAYBE an electronics store can come up with steering wheel electronics, etc.. I HOPE this STOPS everybody FREAKING OUT about the idea.

    This REALLY is NO different than ANY OTHER dash mounted GPS, etc... I DON'T think anybody will be making touchscreen KEYNOTE presentations while driving...BUT YOU COULD..... HAHAHHAHA:apple:

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