Auxo Shows Off a Redesigned iOS App Switcher

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    Apple has spent little focus updating its iOS app switcher since it was introduced with iOS 4, so designer @Sentry_NC decided to try his hand at a new concept for app switching.

    In October, he created a mockup on The Verge forums of an iOS app switcher that takes advantage of the iPhone 5's elongated screen, providing easy access to settings and additional app management tools.

    Though it was originally designed as just a concept, the Auxo iOS app switcher has now become a reality as a jailbreak tweak after Sentry teamed up with two app developers.

    Auxo's design allows users to control apps with intuitive touch gestures. For example, sliding down on an app closes it, while swiping left reveals both music controls and toggle controls for adjusting brightness and turning Wi-Fi on and off. The video below, from iDownloadBlog, demonstrates how Auxo works.

    The Auxo tweak may be limited to jailbroken devices, but it serves as an impressive example of the improvements that could be made to future versions of iOS if Apple takes notice. Auxo is not currently available, but it is coming soon to Cydia for jailbroken iOS 6 devices.

    Article Link: Auxo Shows Off a Redesigned iOS App Switcher
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    The iPhone 5 jailbreak can't come soon enough. This looks like something that Apple, dare I say "used to" put out.
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    Tuan X

    Me Want Now..
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    This is a great implementation that I could see Apple doing. Would love to see it in iOS 7 :p
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    wheres my iOS 6 jb :(
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    They really took the time and made it do what it should do. Just need to get some sexier icons ;)
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    This is why being open would be cool.
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    I heard 12/22. But doesn't look to be true!
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    They will soon buy it out and make it exclusive to iPhone 5S.
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    Pretty sure this is something that people have wanted more than silly Facebook integration. I really hope this comes in iOS 7, but really wish it could become much sooner.
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    Apple needs to hire these folks.
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    Wow, that's way cool. Apple should hire these guys and implement these features.
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    Bubba Satori

    Wow, that's amazing innovation.
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    I would nearly consider jailbreaking just for this. Nearly.
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    I bet he gets a nice little email from Apple offering him a job. Simply but effective, a nice play on the card system while staying true to iOS. I wonder you can reorder the cards or keep them as "stickies"?
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    Apple will probably just steal this idea and call it their's
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    Wow. That is awesome. When I saw the concept mockups I thought maybe the music area was a bit cluttered, and that the app icon and the "show album artwork" icon were too small.

    But from this video, it seems to be quite good.

    This is the first jailbreak that has me seriously thinking about jailbreaking my iPhone. But I probably will not.

    I am really hoping Apple does something like this. Or, even better, just buy out this thing. It's already done for them.

    One can only hope lol. (and submit an enhancement request to Apple with a link to this video).
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    It's beautiful!
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Only complaint is the double tap. My iPhone 4's button is basically 50% chance of usability now. Pressing the home button so many times a day for so many years eventually wears it out.

    Apparently Apple is already thinking of replacing the home button which makes sense.

    Hopefully we'll see this as well as haptic, virtual home button.
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    Dreamjailbreak? FAKE.


    Zephyr would be a good pair to this.
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    and now i have a reason to jailbreak again
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    If someone said "use this JAILBREAK TWEAK, all that they would say is "unjailbreak your phone or we will deny your warranty when your phone dies"
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    This is what jailbreaking is all about! God I miss Cydia on the 5. Why did Apple have to ruin the fun for us :(
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    Thats some good stuff right there :cool:

    really impressed ,its time i get my phone's hood up and start doing some cool stuffs.

    break the jail season 6

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