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Avatar for $0.99

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by SimonBS, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Avatar for the iPad is for sale for $0.99.


    Best regards,
    Simon B. Støvring
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    Is it actually any good?
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    Scrap that, I've bought it.. I did the same thing with N.O.V.A which turned out to be a decent game.. This better be good, I'm a huge fan of the film and don't want to be let down.
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    Has anybody tried it? Looks decent but the controls seem hard to me any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Not the normal $9,99 worth. Definatly the $0,99 worth. That's my opinion. Controls are awesome compared to other games.
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    Is it as bad as the PS3 game, I brought that, played it for a week and then traded it in, was awful.

    The only thing with avatar spinoffs is that the story of the movie doesn't stand up that well on its own without the stunning visuals which are the most impressive thing about the movie.
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    Hmmm to go from $9.99 to $0.99, me thinks it might be because it is not selling well, is selling well, or it sucks.
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    Thanks for the heads up
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    Sleazy E

    hmmm a drop from 10 bucks to $.99 screams crap app to me :p
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    It's decent enough for a buy at 99 cents. If I were into this sort of game I could see it being worth $5-10, but I'm not really into this sort of game compared to say... a good tower defense. ;)

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