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Avatar Question!

Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by Macmaniac, Jan 24, 2004.

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    I have been trying to find the information about the processor number that is used on people who are above 500 posts. I know it stands for Motorola processors used on Macs, but what is the number of posts needed for the next processor number, a list would be nice.
    I just hit 68000, a nice round number;)
  2. job
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    Yeah, but it fails to say how many posts you need to be a PPC970 :p
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    Thanks, I was reading the WRONG FAQ!!!! DAM!

    Being Old Skool also means you become senile from time to time.
    :p :rolleyes:
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    Sun Baked

    Re: Avatar Question!

    See this is how you know somebody is a clueless youngster born after the 1984 introduction of Macs...

    Because they think that a 6502 is a Mac processor :p , when Macs didn't exist at the end of the 1970s -- it's a Apple ][ processor. ;)

    Yes, Macmaniac...

    Apple really did build a computer without a GUI, schocking as the though of a CLI is.

    Of course we'd probably kill the poor guy if we talk about the world before MTV and cable television.
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    Re: Re: Avatar Question!

    Ok I'm sorry I was born in 86', when I said I wanted Mac processor names, I did not mean Just the Macintosh line, I meant from the Apple I onward, I know that there were Apple computers before the Macintosh line, I was just quickly asking a question without thinking, thanks for correcting me:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    only arn knows that one :D

    And we'll have a long way to go before we find out...

  8. job
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    Re: Re: Avatar Question!


    there has always been MTV and cable! anything contrary is merely old people propaganda!

    ;) :p

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