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AVI on iTunes

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Kelg6, Jun 18, 2004.

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    I downloaded a movie from iTunes and then tried to play it but didn't have all the components to play it and it said these components arent available on the site. I'm clueless. Any help? :confused:
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    What are you asking? The movies (Trailers and Music Vids) on iTunes are in .MOV format not AVI and the only way to download them is through an iTunes Script. Though you have to wait until the movie loads first in the iTMS browser or else you'll get an incomplete movie.
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    I downloaded a movie, the file was an AVI and when I went to play it on Quick time, it told me that I didn't have all the components and that those components weren't available on the site. I'm new to mac and not computer savy yet. Should I just delete that file and download a different type of file? :eek: Or what?
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    yeah, just download it as a quicktime .mov or .mpg if you can. you can also use a different program such as mplayer or vlc to play the avi.
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    You can play AVI files in QuickTime-enabled applications if you download and install the DivX codec.
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    Hi, i wonder if anybody can help me? For the past 3 days i have been trying to find a way of converting a .avi file to a normal mpeg file (mpeg1). I have a few music videos that are in .avi format and after downloading DIVX, i think? i was then able to watch the files via quicktime. The problem lies here, i recently discovered that if i burnt my .mpeg (music videos) to a data CD i can play them in my DVD player at home and boom, i get them full screen! The thing is most of my files are .avi and only a few are already in mpeg format. Basically i want to know how to convert the .avi files to mpeg.

    I was about to give up when i found a link to here, i registered, crossed my fingers somebody could help and then wrote this excuse of a question above.

    cheers.... :)

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