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Discussion in 'iPod' started by serverin, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I'm a total newbie and I need some help. I want to play a vedio in my iPod , but I don't know how.There're bunch of softs there and make me confused. What do you use in your computer? Any suggestion?
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    iSquint is great, free and easy to use. There's a more fully featured version called VisualHub, but iSquint is great for most stuff.

    If you feel a little more hardcore, try ffmpegX
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    try searching, there are already quite a few threads on this.

    Anyway, I use isquint
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    I've had problems with iSquint messing up the synchronization between audio & video (audio is delayed). I use Quicktime Pro, works like a charm (but is of course, not free.)

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    I use VisualHub (iSquints big brother) to do lots of conversion tasks. Quick and easy.
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    Another vote for VisualHub, an excellent piece of software. I believe Roxio has a solution as well although I've never used it...
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    Does it really sound like the OP is "hardcore?" :p
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    you need itunes, i think you know it
    you can search on google or go to some download website to get the rightthing
    I searched and found iPod Video Converter ,now it works well, it is easy also.

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