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    Has anyone here done aviation photography?

    I went to the airport last week to take some photos. Actually, I spent 5 hours there :D

    I'm at a disadvantage because I'm using a Fuji, not one of those new Canon EOS IIs with the super fast shutter :eek:

    Anyway, here's some of what I shot:

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    Mr. Anderson

    I know for a fact that Moxie, Eyelikeart and Evo all have aviation pics :D

    I took them to the National Airport last year and took a tour of a hangar...

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    Dont Hurt Me

    I love aviation but have not taken any pictures with my Fuji ..... but i do have a few pictures of Spaceship One that just made a flight last week to 105,000 feet. 200,000 more feet and the Xprize will theirs :) simply awesome. what goes up must come down.

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    Here's 2 more I took

    Aviation photography is a more difficult than I thought it would be

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    Sikorsky Flying Crane

    In #2 ship of a flight of three I took this photo of #1, returning from a mission and over a pastoral landscape (with too fast a shutter speed, stopping the rotor blades, not a good technique with helicopter photography.) It's one of my favorite CH-54 pictures and takes a turn on the desktop now and then.

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    Distracting background?

    Make it more distracting. ;)

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    BA Concorde cockpit

    just sitting there but they won't let you even droop the nose.

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    SR-71 static display

    "I'd rather be flying."

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    Wow, cool photos of Spaceship 1!
    It's definitely an art. You better have some serious telephoto lenses if you don't have up-close-and-personal access to aircraft.

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