AVOID matte screen protectors!!!

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    UPDATE: Just a quick update guys. It turns out Mediadevil have a new updated screen protector, that reduces the pixellation/noise effect quite significantly, and is much improved over the original.

    Callum, the founder of Mediadevil, got in contact with me after seeing my problem, and kindly offered me the new updated version of the protector as a replacement, free of charge.

    Anyone who bought a matte clear screen protector for iPad from Mediadevil in March 2012, simply send off an email to support@phonedevil.com remembering to include your order ID, and they will happily upgrade you to the new material

    Really is an awesome company to deal with, fantastic customer service, and the new protector works a treat
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    I have a Power Support anti-glare on my 1st gen and I figured there would be a loss of clarity. You can see the matte grain, but I may try it. The reflection at times is annoying as hell.
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    I just put my Power Support antiglare on my new iPad. To be honest I can't tell. I guess I would need to put mine beside another new iPad. I know on the IPad 2 it made no difference (compared directly beside my husband's 'naked' iPad 2).

    But for the new one I don't know. My screen still looks amazing and the text is plenty clear. For now, I'm keeping the antiglare on. I prefer the antiglare and anti-fingerprint properties.

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    Good to know. Thanks.
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    I put my SGP on and yes it affects the screen clarity but no more than on previous devices...
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    I should have clarified above... I am using Ultra Fine...
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    I think the AGP Ultrafine is the best AG/fingerprint out there. Certainly has the most minimal loss of clarity of the many I have tested (including the powersupport).
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    thanks for the suggestion .. i am looking for a screen protector that will protect and also not effect screen so much ...

    does this have gorilla glass ... do we even need screen protectors ...?
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    Agreed. I used a Moshi anti glare and it kills the beauty of this screen. Any suggestions, or have people had good success with out protectors?
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    I would venture a guess that the majority of people buying screen protectors for an iPad are doing it to cut down on glare and fingerprints first and foremost.
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    If my PS antiglare does cut the display a bit (and as I posted above I'm not sure it does), what good is the display if it glares so much or I'm constantly wiping off fingerprints?

    I guess everyone has their own obsessions.
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    I don't think I could take this screen if I didn't put an anti glare protector on it. I had to do it on my Mac Book Air also... My wife's MacBook Pro luckily had the option for anti glare...
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    SGP's Steinheil is still by far my favorite screen protector. Been using them on my iPhones/iPads for years and couldn't recommend them more. They're releasing their iPad version of the Ultra Optics screen protector which is a matte finish yet doesn't detract from the retina display. I have one on my iPhone right now and I love it. Look for some reviews of the iPhone Ultra Optics to get an idea. I pre-ordered an Ultra Optics for my new iPad.

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    i presume this was a easy screen one? You could buy a crystal clear one. I have two of these, I failed on installation though of the first one yesterday.
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    Chupa Chupa

    First thing I did was slap a matte screen protector on as I did w/ my Orig. and iPad 2. I thought the grain was a worthwhile tradeoff on those two but I was really disappointed when I put it on the 3rd gen. It really does seem to as much a distraction as glare itself is. So I very torn whether to rip it off or not. I think I'm going to go to the Apple Store today and play with naked one for comparison.
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    Please post back when you get it and use it. I'm curious about how well it works. I just can't use my iPad without the antiglare or anti-fingerprint properties.

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    Just installed Power Support HD Anti-Glare

    Screen still looks AWESOME!!!


    Less Glare & Less Prints
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    I'm using a cheapo matte iPad 1 screen protector right now, it definitely takes away from the display. The screen protectors I ordered (clear) should be here later.
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    There are few screen covers that will not hinder the quality. I prefer mine without one.
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    screen protectors ruin the experience.
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    Will do! It will probably be the end of the month though.
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    That's ok, just quote my post and I'll get the notification. Of pm me if you like. But others may be interested too.

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    i got the newest otterbox defender for the new ipad. I HATE the sreen protector. even worse, the screen protector is now glued to the front cover, so I can not replace it with something else. I ill be calling otterbox on monday.
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    2 quick questions:

    1. whats the difference betwen SGP SQ and PowerSupport Crystalclear?

    2. are either of the two reusable?
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    1. Two different brands

    2. Yes

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