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AVPlayer HD + ATV2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by CHRONiC YOUTH, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Hey guys I'm trying to get airplay to work with avplayer hd I was under the impression that I could play my .avi movies via apple tv with it but for some reason all I seem to be getting is audio output no video whatsoever.. Anyone have any ideas or is it just that avplayerhd just does not support playing .avi via airplay just mp4?
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    I don't believe AirPlay can work with any video format except .m4v...at least not in my experience...
  3. R27
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    Use AirVideo and play any video format via airplay on your aTV. 40gb MKV file plays without any problem ;) + subtitles.

    Good luck.
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    That's been the only work around I've found so far and it really sucks cause I hate using air video and live conversion its choppy especially while streaming higher quality video. The only solution is iOS 5 mirroring and hopefully the devs of all of these 3rd party video player apps will update for 16:9 output while air playing video.
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    I was trying to do the same but same result only audio output no video. This really sucks. I was hoping the devs of AVPlayer HD would have updated their app to support this. Any other solutions? Not a big fan of live conversion either.

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