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[B]5.1 assistance[/B]

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by frizzelfur, Sep 16, 2008.

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    I have a 5.1 Regent home entertainment system (HT-2004) and it is currently plugged into my computer through my M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro USB system. Each speaker is plugged directly into the subwoofer and then the subwoofer has left and right composite audio outputs (plugged into the Fast Track Pro). I have a Intel based iMac running leopard and it is not recognizing that I have 5.1 in the audio set up. Is 5.1 possible or are these just cheap speakers only capable of a left and right signal?
    Please help!
    thank you
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    Well, if your unit only has L/R outputs then chances are you can't have 5.1. Usually an optical connection will be present on a 5.1 system, so that's weird.
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    yeah i don't quite understand it - five speaker channels but only a left and right output
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    Well, it's possible your system is just Dolby Pro Logic II, which is essentially 5 channels, but the rear satellites don't get a discrete signal; they share it with the front signals so that you feel like the sound is surrounding you.
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    i see, well thanks for looking at my post

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