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B&H Photo/Video in NYC

Discussion in 'Community' started by trebblekicked, May 24, 2003.

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    alright, who here buys from B&H? What kind of experiences have you had? Good? Bad? Both?
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    i've bought a few things there. and i hate going there.

    they have decent/good prices, and most products one could want... but the service is terrible. the place is a madhouse. so stressful going there.

    buying online or on the phone from them seems like the better deal... minus the shipping of course.
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    what does B & H stand for?
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    i got my glidecam, tripod, and some other insundry things from B&H. their pro-grade rigs are ok. i have no problems with the tripod, glidecam, booms, microphones, etc...
    their failing is in consumer/prosumer level products. i tried to save some money by using a jvc minidv cam as a dv deck (i mean hey it has device control, a/v in/out-what else do you need?) and they bait/switched me. the svhs deck i bought there broke six months after buying it, the mbox they sent me took four months to ship and when i finally got it last week, it only had protools 5. WTF?
    i think they treat their professionals reasonably well, but they buy ultra-wholesale or close-out for their consumer stuff, and if you buy it, you're buying second rate, IMO.

    shadowfax: i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure B&H stands for Bullsh** Hassle. ;)
  5. arn
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    I've used B&H Photo for mail order and highly recommend them.

    I've ordered 3 items from there. DV Camcorder (Sony), Canon digital camera, and Nikon film scanner.

    All items were significantly cheaper than retail and shipped quickly and delivered as advertised. Placed orders online.

    no complaints. When looking for higher end electronics I usually look there.

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    I purchased my DV deck on-line from them and had a very possitive experience. B&H's price was about 15% less than any other place I looked. Shipping wasn't too bad and it arrived quickly. When scoping out new gear that's always one of the first places I hit. I have friends that swear by B&H.

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    ahh, you all have the advantage of having no option of going to the store in person... so lucky. ;)
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    NOT go to the store and miss out on the hasidic sales staff!? thats half the fun!!!
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    Les Kern

    I'm the Tech Director for a school district and have purchased extensively from B+H for our video editing class and TV station. I've never had better service, prices and timely delivery. The agents I talk to are helpful and extremely knowledgable to the point of asking me about how the equipment will be applied, then offering a better and cheaper alternative.
    Great company, and I'll never go elsewhere.
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    i think i'm just mad 'cause stuff is breaking at record speed this week...

    B&H is practically unbeatable on price. they usually ship quickly, and if you're buying above consumer level, the quality is good. i've bought at least 20 items from them, and hadn't had a problem until i bought stuff that wasn't "pro grade".

    i wanted to see the place in action, but never make time when i'm in NYC. some day i will. it sounds like a tourist atraction for video pros...
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    Mr. Anderson

    B&H is usually pretty damn good in price, I've bought a few things from them. And I have to agree with Dignan - going there is a bit fun. I had an opportunity to go there for the first time a couple of years ago and it was a bit of a madhouse - but more than interesting.

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    B & H stands for,

    Beards & Hats. ha ha

    I dont know what it stands for really.

    I have had good experiences with mail order from B & H.
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    HAHAHA awesome.

    I've been there once. all I wanted was a BNC cable, and it took 15 minutes. ridiculous. i just hate the way they, and J&R do business. you have to see a sales person, who generally aren't all that nice, and then they put it through the computer, give you a receipt thing, then you go and pay, and then if it's a big item, wait for it to arrive from stock only to put your payment receipt away whilst waiting and then have to dig it out again to show the damn security guard at the door. I hate both places. NYC is crying out for a decent AV store and music store among other things. it's such a pain in the ass. there's no way you can just pop in and get what you want whilst double-parking for instance. unfortunately, it's a matter of having to shop at these two stores more often than i'd like.

    grr, sorry.

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