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B/W G3 ZIF 1 GHz upgrade

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by StealthRider, Oct 7, 2003.

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    Does anyone know why the ZIF 1 GHz upgrade from Sonnet only works in the beige G3 and not the Blue and White? It seems kind of ridiculous. And if anyone knows when the "Coming soon" (for blue and white) will change to "Now available" please please please let me know...
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    Maybe becasue they need to make a a new firmware to use it on the b/w g3..
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    for the chip or for the B/W g3?
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    i don't really know much about upgrades, but i have an xlr8 upgrade from before they went out of business and they had made a dual processor for the beige g3's but never made it for the blue n white (which i have)..... seems like a reoccuring theme of things being easier on the beige compared to the b/w
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    My PowerLogix G3/800 upgrade works on both beige and blue & white machines but requires different settings of the DIP switches to work with the different bus speeds, etc.
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    I recieved an email response from them in regards to this very question. From my understanding, they're going to be coming out with the upgrade soon, and it will be faster than 1GHZ, however, they couldn't give me a timeline.

    Could this possibly have to do with the firmware update that disables processor upgrades in the B/W G3 when the G4 came out? I know they've found workarounds since, just speculation.
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    More likely it has to do with the fact that there aren't available 1GHz or higher G3s for a couple of months.
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    I'm talking about the G4 chip, sorry if I was unclear...

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