Baby smokes 40 cigs a day...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by damson34, May 26, 2010.

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    That's ridiculous... Lung cancer before puberty? LOL
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    If he keeps it up, he'll be dead before he hits puberty. The effects of a 2 year old smoking 40 a day have to be greater than an adult smoking 40 a day.
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    As far as I'm concerned, that is child abuse and the kid needs to be taken away from the parents. Forget bribing them with a car.
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    "he gets angry when we take them away"
    "I know he is a tad overweight from the smoking" -his 30 year-old father

    Here we are folks...winner of the parent of the year.
    Take the child into protective custody and sterilize the parents.
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    Possibly due some kind of a lung disease e.g. cancer plus the fact that his lungs can't develop due tar
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    Agreed, this is awful.
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    This is very disheartening. I can actually say, I am shocked, and rather appalled. I'm glad I quit. How much must I cost the parents? 40 cigs a day. That's not cheap.

    I feel sorry for the poor child. The question is, how was this addiction started?
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    I guess his parents plied him ciggies, maybe to make him "famous" and get money by doing that. Cigs aren't expensive in poor countries and what I've seen and heard, most ads are about tobacco and they are focused for kids as the addiction is stronger if you start younger (=more money to tobacco companies)
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    That's pretty funny!
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    Waiting for the cigarette companies to comment on this....


    "I'd crawl a mile for a camel..."

    - for those old enough to remember the camel cigarette ads, (I'd walk a mile for a camel)."
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    Look at him twirling that thing and going after it like it's oxygen. So that's how babies react to an addiction...

    At any rate, just yesterday I saw a pair of Billy Bob trailer trash hauling around their baby in a busted up primer and beetle-blue Taurus smoking it up like a forgotten rock star. The fact that any person could subject an innocent child to something like that and not even feel the SLIGHTEST guilt is just...I never knew humans could really have NO compassion, I mean even Hitler felt bad about what he was doing.

    I memorized their license plate, I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do about it. I'd only be happy if these two expletives could never "care" for a child again, but then again, relieving them of their baby would be relieving them of a burden too.
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    What is this I don't even.... o_o
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    Stop buying the cigs for the kid! Hello McFly?
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    Wow, I don't get it. The 30 year old father is being controlled by a two year old... Grow a pair and step up and stop buying the cigs. It's not like he can go buy his own...

    Wait... that would be the follow up story. Baby jacks dad's car and robs a bank to buy cigarette company after dad stops buying them for him.
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    Throw in Patrick Swayze and you've got yourself a corny action movie blockbuster!

    And maybe Arnold baby...
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    Do the parents know how unhealthy it is for a two year old to be that over weight?
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    I cannot understand how anyone could find this even remotely funny. Pathetic? Sure. Infuriating? Yup. Funny? Not by a long shot. These "parents" need the child taken away from them, and they need to be put in jail.
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    Surprisingly similar to adults it would seem. That's what struck me... how at ease he was with it.

    That and how utterly idiotic his parents are.
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    Seems so natural...I wonder if he's ever sucked on the wrong end of that thing 0.o
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    Look at that scar on his head. Something tells me this isn't the first time his parents have treated him like a dog.

    In my time in Mexico I was consciously looking for somebody that didn't have a gouge in their head. Besides the people who had long hair or a hat, you can always spot a small hairless knothole, up top. My dad, born in Guanajuato, has four from before he can remember.

    Besides that, the parents just let their kids run free in the streets. Driving down the villages, you have to cuss the kids to get off your truck.

    Third-world-nation parents just don't have enough in life to care about their kids. It's so much easier to just cast them off and hope they'll feed your ass when you're bed-ridden.
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    That's F'd up. Poor goddamn kid. I bet his dumb ass parents thought it was SO CUTE that an 18 month old was smoking his first cig. Aww. Well, look at him now! :mad: He can't go more that a few minutes without. :rolleyes: And to say that "he gets angry when they're taken away" - $#%^@&*!

    I say: burn the parents eyes out with a few cigs then put a bullet in their temples.

    I cannot believe the government over there is offering them a reward if the kid quits. I guess there's no law against child abuse. :mad:
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    Natural selection @ at work.........

    Reminds me of Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit.....

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    The government are doing the right thing offering the parents a reward. Life is hard in Indonesia, but as a privileged (and blood thirsty) Westerner you probably can't understand that.

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    Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka!
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