Babya System 10.1

Discussion in 'Community' started by aafuss1, May 24, 2002.

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    Babya System 10.1 includes many new and very useful features make version 10.1, the best version since v. 9.

    New features:
    1. A quick access menu
    2. Babya MemoWriter- simple text editor
    3. Babya System Profiler- get BS 10.1 system information
    4. Better window layout
    5. Improved control panel

    Mac OS X users who miss the classic mac finder may find thatb this is ok under Virtual PC.
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    I may just be alone in this, but i have no idea what babya is. Care to explain a bit more about it?
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    You are not alone... But I am one that couldn't give a rat's rectal cavity about what it is.
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    ROTFLMAO!!! I just love the terminology here. Censorship just can't touch you at all!
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    Ummmmmm nope :D I have ways to get my point across, even if it is via a spear in an unpleasant place :D muahahahahahaa
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    that was so eloquently put Alpha...

    your mom must be proud... :eek: ;)
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    Heh, I think Alpha mentioned a rat's rectum earlier in the year, about someone hitting 200 posts, mcrain if I am not mistaken.

    You sure like getting around profanity, don't you Alpha? You have even sunken lower to that, to a level not even censoring can's not profane, it's just horribly graphic! :)

    BTW, I am not completely sure on this, but just by reading aafuss1's last statement, it looks like the program only works with a PC, or an "OS" that runs PC applications.

    Fear the King.
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    o man i cant believe you guys dont remember this idiot. let me dig up the old links yet again. basically this guy takes a bunch of osx icons and makes windows icons out of them and calls the windows monstrousity babya.

    from arn
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    Mr. Anderson

    You all need to remember his past threads, there actually quite entertaining. He basically copied OSX icons for a PC GUI system and then he had another, well, its best just to look at the links,

    enjoy, and Alpha, you know that extra special can you're saving for the right moment, you might actually get a chance to use it here.....:D
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    You're right. I converted them myself. Just gfor vfun, IO guess. It could be used on a mac with VPC.

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    aafuss, what part of arn's request did you not quite understand? (see AL's post above) It could be considered curteous to comply with the wishes of the person who runs and maintains this forum.

    Alpha, go mental on him :cool:
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    Mac Related- yes, it can be run in MAC OS withVirtual PC. otherwise I'll post this at a Windows site. See I use a Mac.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Oh that's just scary. Sorry. Use a mac to run PC software and make it look like its still on the mac.....
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    All right. I can already see this **** is going too far.

    I'm starting to show the hood...that's not an excellent sign. (That is when a cobra plans to attack).

    So here it goes...

    assfuzz, or whatever you call yourself, AmbitiousLemon already sent a message from the almight Arn, saying that there should be no more talk of Babya, or anything like that. If you plan to bring up something nobody gives a cow's milk producer about, then why the blue he!! are you posting this ****? Nobody really cares about some stupid program that needs to be run on VPC, Winpose, or some BS like that. This is supposed to be a topic on Macs and how much you need to worship them. If you are bringing up something that some other Babya fanatic posted about and got warned at, maybe you should realize that if you are being warned at as well, you need to ****! Don't make any wise-ash comments or some pathetic response, just shut up. Go back to posting on the Winpose forums if need be, but do not post your **** here!

    How was that for a flamethrower?

    Fear the King.
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    we can take him out...

    any takers??? ;)
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    i really dont think we need to attack him. a picture is worth a thousand words right? well lets take a look at Babya is its full glory then...

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    I'll be in that. *Flame-thrower to the ready*
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    It kind of reminds me of windows 3.1 in a way. Perhaps because it's ugly and plain?

    Anyway, i'm not going to say anything more on this topic.
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    You are so right, Lemon. A picture is worth a 1000 words. So let me then just say that:

    Babya looks like **** (repeat 250 times).


    Fear the King.
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    hey....where's Alpha?!?! :eek: :cool:
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    I think Alpha is still warming up his thermonuclear device... :eek:

    When he arrives, it's all over.

    Fear the King.
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    just one word about babya.........eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    thats all
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