Back in time 2.0 (iPad|iPhone) "The coolest history textbook you’ll find on the iPad"

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The most engaging way for a child to learn history is:

  1. the internet

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  2. a textbook

  3. a documentary video

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  4. an iPad app

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    Sep 28, 2011

    We have just updated our educational app "Back in Time" to version 2.0.
    This update is free for all the users of the previous versions

    ★ "The coolest history textbook you’ll find on the iPad" - The New York Times ★
    ★ Winner of the WSA Mobile Award 2012 ★
    ★ #1 iPad Book App in US, UK, FR, ES, China (…) and 34 more Countries ★
    ★ Selected by The New York Times for the Top10 iPad Apps in 2011 ★

    -more content (text, images and video);
    -new user interface;
    -share option now available;

    App Store links: iPad | iPhone

    You can see the video trailer here;

    Hope you like it.
    LANDKA team

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