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Back to the MBA gang!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by dudup, Sep 7, 2009.

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    So here am I, back to the distinct and select group of MBA enthusiasts!

    A year ago I used to have a wonderful combo: a 24" aluminum iMac and a rev. a 1.6ghz 80gb hdd MBA. Even with those horrible core shut down issues, after OS X and firmware updates and some wonderful help from coolbook, I learned to love it. Specially because I would do most of my heavy work on the iMac.

    But I've had a change of job which required me to carry my own laptop everyday. And because of that, I've found my self using the MBA more than 80% of my time. Keeping the macs in sync was a unnecessary pain in the arse. So i decided it was time to have a single machine setup.

    After waiting a lot for the last refresh, I became disappointed with the rev. c refresh. 2gb of ram was an impediment to me. So I decided to go for a 15" MBP, the 2.66ghz with 9600gt model, which later I added an awesome OCZ Vertex SSD drive.

    Wonderful machine, amazing boot and app launching times. A true beast.

    But the problem is, i got used to the thinness and lightness of the MBA. So after 3 months, I've decided to came back to the MBA gang, and here I am, typing this on a 2.13ghz SSD rev. c machine.

    God I missed it so bad!

    I still dont know what I'm going to do with the 15 incher. More like I'll be selling it, but I don't know if I'm going to get an additional machine -- maybe an 24" iMac like I used to have, or an 17 incher. I really don't know. I think I might miss the powerhouse I used to have.

    But one thing for sure is: this MBA has come to stay, and will only make way for newer MBA models which may come in the future. :)
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    NC MacGuy

    Glad you got something that makes you happy! Apple is too.;)

    Your mistake on the MBP was getting a 15". Had you gotten a 13, you may have had a different outcome.
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    My past experience is first the 1.86 ghz / 128 ssd MacBook Air .... then I bought the 15" June '09 MacBook Pro with 256 ssd, too heavy, too awkward I didn't like it at all .... then I tried using my MBA again... too inconvenient with lack of ports, fan noise, heat etc to use as a main machine...

    FINALLY, I ordered the 13" MacBook Pro w/ 256ssd and couldn't be happier, it's the best computer for me to use as my main machine.
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    Welcome back! I just joined the gang last week when I got my air on Friday. :D
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    Welcome Back!

    I bought my first MBA 10 days ago. 2.13 SSD. I replaced a 3yr old iBook G4. When I learn how to use xbench I will post my results.
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    Welcome back... the newest 2.13 SSD is an amazing Mac... in a tiny package.

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    Yeah, the 13" MBP is awesome, too. But the glassy screen kept me away from it. Maybe if they decide to extend the matte option for it…

    But TBH I would really prefer a 4gb/256gb ssd MBA :D
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    Totally agreed. Back when I ordered the 15" a friend of mine received a 13" MBP and I was totally amazed by it. I must confess I've been really balanced between those two machines since.

    I think I went for the MBA because I really value its thinness and I'm a huge fan of its engineering. A year and a half later and I'm still freaked out.

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