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Backlight - iBook G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by derf, Aug 8, 2005.

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    My iBook's backlight does not come on until the unit is completely powered up and in OSX tiger. When the unit powers up, there should be a little apple and then the spinning thing. Which I can see, barely, But the backlight does not light up. Anyone know how to turn the backlight back on in startup?
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    Mine does the same thing. I am not sure there is anything that can be done.
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    Well, I think I remember messing with something when I was trying to figure out why my cd-rw would not accept cd's. I don't remember :( there has to be a way to fix it :(
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    You guys talking about newest revision iBooks or older ones?
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    mad jew

    I'm not near my iBook at the moment but from memory this only happens when you start up from battery, right? I'm pretty sure I get backlight most of the time because it's plugged into the wall.

    I'll check when I get back to my little iBook. :)
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    I have the revision before the last one. Also it happens when it is connected to power as well.
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    Hey, My friend came into work today and figured it out for us. You have to reset the P-Ram. To do this restart the computer, and as soon as it starts to boot, hold down "apple + option + P + R" keep holding them down until the computer restarts 3 times, then you let them go and let the computer boot normally. As soon as he did this the backlight turned right back on.

    Hope this helps ;)

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