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Backup 2.0.1 and Games for .Mac

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 4, 2004.

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    Apple posted two new .Mac exclusives for members.

    - 12 GameHouse Super Jigsaw Puzzles
    - Pop & Drop Trial with Discount

    Apple also updated Backup to version 2.0.1. The new version provides added quality and reliability improvements to scheduled backups and is now available through Software Update in System Preferences and as a download from .Mac.
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    Sweet... although Backup isn't showing up in my Software Update. Very odd.
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    They keep adding all this nifty stuff, I might just have to use my $100 tax return to pick up a year o' this!
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    I thought you have to download from .Mac not from Software Update.
    I couldn't see it either...

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    The one thing I was a little upset about with the Mac platform was the lack of games. I say WAS, because that is no longer the case. Thanks for the jigsaws Apple, they blew me away. Oops, better run, I have a puzzle running in the background and my high tech cloud white ibook is starting to smoke.
  6. mms
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    Is "Pop and Drop" another game?

    And jigsaw puzzles... they was a set included with OS 9 but it sucked. Is this one any better?
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    Jigsaw puzzles and a trial? Hmmm.... kinda slacking there :)
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    No, the jigsaw puzzles are not good. The pop and drop is a very crappy little game, and you can buy the full version for 13 bucks. I haven't tried backup yet. Overall, about as exciting as a new testicle hair.
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    Nothing shows up in my Software updates, but it is in my iDisk
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    It's Backup 2.0.1 not 2.0
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    You betta back yo talk with backup ™

  12. mms
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    Where has anyone said 2.0? Even if someone did, 2.0.1 is not that big of a difference.
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    aaaaand THIS is why .mac isn't worth anything.
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    I did not notice any big speed difference but I could be wrong.

    Running 10.3.2 G4 pb 12" 1.25Ram 1ghz.

    TOOK A LONG TIME TO CALCULATE THE SIZE FOR 6 folders totaling 38GB...
    I like the fact that they can tell you how many CDs or DVDs you need. or, if you have .Mac, it loads iDisk right away and you can see if you have enought space for it. I think this was in previous version already. i guess I need to read about what's new... ;)

    but those were just my impressions this time.

    Good program layout though.

    2 cents!
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    Powerbook G5

    .Mac is really worth it, though. But as everyone else has pointed out, I am not seeing the updated Backup program, either.
  16. mms
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    I think iDisk is worth a lot, especially if you switch between many computers. Backup is nice to have, and in the past, .Mac subscribers have been offered better benefits (I'm not defending this one... I agree that jigsaw puzzles aren't much).
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    I think .mac is awesome. But that's just me.

    I quite enjoy the ability to be able to sync everything I care about between my 2 pbs, 2 ipods in the household; iCal, Addressbook, Bookmarks...

    it's VERY handy for me to have addressbook, bookmark, (especially) iCal online.

    also, it's a very reliable service. Webmail/Pop email as well...

    the Interface is just one of the best. Clean, and really enjoyable to use...

    the Pepsi ad on the other hand...

    2 cents

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    Thankfully, my soon-to-exprire free trial turned me off to .mac before I could blow 200% of my crappy tax return.

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    be thankful you are still in the return and not the owe status. This is the first year I actually owe taxes, and let me tell you, I did not prepare for it.
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    Upgrades are always welcome.:D
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    It was on the MacBytes.com headline.. they just said Backup 2.0
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    What does 2.0.1 fix? I can't seem to find anything on the apple web page about it.
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    How do I get Drop and Pop for $12.95?

    I downloaded "Drop and Pop", its a great and very addictive puzzle game. However, how do I get it for $12.95, there is no info anywhere to get it at that price. I can purchase it for $19.95 no problem.

    Apple's link to their website doesn't bring up a special page so I'm not sure how to make use of this offer.

    Any ideas?
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    Kinda crappie games but, I'm a sucker for freebees!

    And for all you people whining about small tax return checks, Be glad you don't own your own newspaper and have to cut the gov't a 11K check this year.:(
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    if you have .mac, click on idisk--software--members only--dotmac software--Backup X 10.2. Then copy the file to your HD.

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