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Backup NAS to MacPro JBOD?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by hayduke, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Hi All - I have a Thecus 8800 NAS (8x1TB, RAID6) that is working well as a fileserver, but we are not currently backing it up. I would like to use a 4-disk (4x2TB) JBOD in my MacPro (I have 6 drives total) to backup the NAS. My question is what software do I need to execute the back-up? I have used SuperDuper for years to back-up the MacPro, but that doesn't "see" the NAS. The NAS supports iSCSI, would that help? Different software? I would prefer to initiate all the back-ups from the MacPro, rather than from the NAS side. Any tips?
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    rsync will do the job. If you want a fancy GUI (but with a little less options) you can use Carbon Copy Cloner as well.

    As long as the volume is mountable (which I assume you NAS shares are), you can back it up.
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    Thanks for the pointers. The NAS is (no surprise...) attached over the network, so I don't see it as an available drive in CCC (nor SuperDuper). Might be time to brush up on my rsync skillz.
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    rsync is very easy and you can schedule it with iCal if you want to.

    However, CCC does work with network shares as well. Try google or the CCC forums for any information how to make this work.
    I haven't tried it myself as I prefer rsync with iCal. It's probably easier to use this instead of making CCC work with the network device. ;)
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    I thought CCC could only copy to networks shares *hosted on a mac*, not NAS, but I could be wrong.
    Chronosync will backup to networks shares, I use it to sync a local FW800 drive to a QNAP NAS, and it works nicely...
    You seem to want to do similar but the other way around... I think it should work for that too.
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    Starting to wonder if I should just make the MacPro the server for the group to access and then back-up everything with Time Machine to the NAS. The problem is that the I was going to set the MacPro drives set-up as a JBOD, so I'm not very fault tolerant, but my back-up NAS would be RAID-6 with Time Machine's multiple back-ups. Hmmmm...

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