Bad Ethernet Ports plus Lion equals NO App Store

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by struitt, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Lion has changed how Apple ID's are authenticated. They are sending UUID info from the built-in Ethernet ports. If your ethernet ports stop working like mine did some time ago, you are stuck with Leopard or you're going to have to replace the motherboard.

    I called Apple and their solution to the problem is the go backwards in OS to fix the problem without having to replace the motherboard. A company that strides to be the latest and advancing in technology is advising to go backwards. To compound already mounting capabilities issues with software and hardware in the future. The solution to accessing "The App Store", a service that Apple is gearing to be the soul place to purchase Apple software, is to replace functioning hardware or go backwards to an OS that is no longer being updated.

    I have a Mac Pro with bad ethernet ports not a Mac Pro that needs the motherboard replaced. The Mac Pro, by design, is expandable and can except a PCI-E ethernet card which fixed my internet access problem. Now because of Apple's new way to stop people from stealing software, this is unacceptable. Apple has tied Hardware to a online SERVICE. I'm not talking about coupling hardware to software purchases after the fact, I'm talking about coupling hardware to a service before you can even purchase. I can no longer access my purchased items nor purchase anything new. What other options does someone have in this position,.. Piracy? Oh wait, I thought this was to prevent piracy.
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    So you can't install 10.6 either?
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    I wonder if adding in an airport card (which you can do) or using an Apple USB->Ethernet adapter would solve the problem
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    This is really confusing because you can buy an app on the app store and install it on multiple computers, even simultaneously, so I'm surprised it wouldn't work on your MP just because the Ethernet (MAC address?) has changed.

    Perhaps your iTunes authentication is tied to the old Ethernet, causing its authorization to be screwed up. I'd open iTunes, deauthorize the computer, reauthorize, and try your apps again.

    If that fails, I'd deauthorize, uninstall iTunes, delete an app that isn't working, reinstall iTunes, reauthorize, get a fresh download of the app you deleted, and see if it works.

    I have no personal experience with Ethernet failure, so this is just a theory that probably won't work, but it's free and worth a try.
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    This is the explanation even by Apple techs. They tried everything and nothing works. The USB Ethernet does not work. The airport card does not work.
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    Spoof the MAC address from the bad port to the working card.
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    yeah, well, that's not saying much if you're talking about 1st level applecare.

    what EXACTLY did they have you try?
    Like codymac said, having the pci-e nic use the MAC address of the non-working port should fix this IF the dead port is the true root cause. I'm skeptical of that in the first place- if that were true, how can a Mac Book Air make a purchase from the app store? There's no wired nic on those at all.

    Also, WTF killed both your built in nics? This whole thing seems strange.
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    I have to agree.
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    I know the op is new so people may think he is spoofing us, but apple has truly dropped the ball with the app store and no hard copy of lion available. here is a simple case. I owned a 2010 mac pro posted the hex mod on this site that many users took advantage of. I purchased lion and windows for the mac pro and made it a triple boot.

    When I sold that machine lion on one hdd does not really belong to it. At the time I sold it there was no hard copy available I paid for lion I paid for windows I paid for the oem osx snow and when I sell the machine lion vanishes. At least by apple's new rules. Not that fair of an idea.

    To give a better example I can now buy a lion on a thumbdrive that can legally follow with the mac pro .( which in the case of the op apple should give him a free copy and end the problem).

    If I buy this copy it will not work on a 2011 mac mini server or a 2011 mac mini.

    this is not a real lion in that it does not load on mac mini 2011 or 2011 mac book air. now for people with fast internet a dead lion and fresh install is 2 hours. I have done 10 or 15 net downloads when upgrading mac mini hdds to ssd run time 5 to 11 hours.

    My fast internet 15mb download an 2mb upload downloads lion at about 200k to 400k. So maybe the op is getting screwed. frankly if I where the op i would insist on a free copy of lion on a thumbnail to start with. if getting the copy and finding out that is not good enough I would ask for free repair of ethernet connections. asap
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    I've authenticated my one ID on over 100 different Mac's MAC's. All different. All authenticated just fine. They are not tying HW to their service at all (1 ID x 100 Mac's, piracy? C'mon?). Can a Hackintosh user log into their Apple ID and download? I bet they can. The only thing that could be possible would be Apple specific vendor hash on the nic. That could be why I can log onto 100 Mac's with the same ID, all Apple NIC's. I think in your example this should be impossible. Or am I missing something? If a Hakintosh user can use the App Store then someone is blowing smoke in your face.
    Anyway I found this. Maybe the issue. Telling either way.
    "I was able to fix this problem on my Dell 10v after finding a solution via google of the error code. It appears to be a problem with the network preferences on some machines.

    Solution: Go to Macintosh HD (or whatever you call your HD in Finder) > Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration

    For there look for the file labeled: “NetworkInterfaces.plist”

    You need to move this file to the Trash, but do not delete it (an Administrator password will be needed for this). Then reboot the machine and connect to your network and the App Store.
    If all is well you can then delete the NetworkInterfaces.plist"


    Can't you just copy the installer to a HD after your very first install? I did this and then created 10+ DVD and thumb drive installers. I have only downloaded 10.7 one time. Then you make a backup of your computer image. All my lion installs have "followed" the app store. Even though I DL combo updates and don't trust the app store as far as I can throw it. Where exactly did the ball get dropped? At the user level? Kidding, that was harsh.
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    They do sell a hard copy of Lion.

    (You mention it later in your post but then claim it's not real Lion? It most certainly is.)
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    This happened to me last spring. A lightning strike on my phone line blew my ethernet ports, but my computer survived. I grabbed a third party PCI-E ethernet card and all was good until I ran an update on the Mac OS and I suddenly could not authenticate at the Mac App store. Worse yet, I couldn't launch any apps that I bought through the App Store. iTunes support couldn't find a fix. When I finally brought it into the Mac store, they repaired it and I was able to authenticate once again.
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    try getting a USB lion drive from the apple store, then return it.
    Sure you could say its wrong, but with the attitude they gave you....
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    buy that lion a try installing it on a 2011 mac mini server with two empty ssds and no internet. it will not install as I explained in my post. also try to install that on a 2011 mac mini with one blank ssd
    (ie all minis other then the server) it will not install.

    this make it not real for all 2011 mac mini's.
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    Sooo. Everyone wants to complain and no one wants to fix? Anyone reset their network prefs?
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    As matter of fact I did. Didn't work.
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    I am now a happy member of this camp:)
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    The latest version on the app store is 10.7.2, burn to DVD, prep your own USB thumb drive or keep a backup somewhere else. The purchased thumb drive was and is a great way to toss some money down the drain.
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    Are you using the full Lion install key or the web based install key? There are two keys.
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    not sure, but I would consider consulting hackintosh kids on one of their forums/irc though, maybe one of the custom bootloaders for mac like rEFIt would allow you to load a custom DSDT.aml where your PCI-E Nic could be assigned as built in...
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    There is strangeness afoot indeed.

    First up: In my experience, if something major goes wrong with a motherboard, it's a good bet that another shoe will drop shortly. I'd be looking at having that MB replaced sooner rather than later.

    Besides: If it's the MAC address or UUID or something of the sort that's blockading you, how does Apple propose a new motherboard would fix the problem? You'd have new identifiers... same situation.
  22. cosmicjoke, Feb 4, 2012
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    No, it's a matter of not being able to sign into the app store at all, because the 3rd party nic he is using is not recognized as built in.... A new logic board would most certainly solve his problem...

    Edit: So after digging around a bit I came up with this post

    (read start to finish)

    where a guy with a dead ethernet port on a Mac Mini uses the hackintosh bootloader Chameleon with the smbios of a macbook air to sign into the app store... if you could get Chameleon up and running I would instead use something akin to DSDTSE to extract and compile your DSDT, ioregistryexplorer to find out where your PCI-E Nic is, and lastly edit your DSDT.aml and compile w/ proper edits to make it think your PCI-E Nic is built in and use Chameleon to boot.... heh, obviously no walk in the park, but it's possible at any rate.
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    Indeed, they replaced my backboard too. Before the repair I had searched the Hackintosh websites, but at the time I couldn't find a solution. I didn't go too far into as I was bringing my Mac in for repair soon, and I assumed (correctly) it would fix the problem.
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    I'm suddenly glad I have AppleCare, but I don't use the Mac App Store anyway.

    I still prefer shrinkwrap, boxes on shelves, and shiny discs. The less DRM the better, and this thread is another example of that.

    I know digital distribution is the way of the future, but I will use physical distribution as long as it is feasible to do so.
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    I couldn't give a toss about the App Store either. It is a minor nuisance to my job. That's about it.

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