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Bakersfield, CA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by jcjdoss, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Hey Bakersfield where are you planning on meeting up? I'm thinking the AT&T store on Coffee. What do you think?
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    Sounds good J. I should be there.
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    Now to wait for details. HERE ARE THE HOURS OF OPERATION.

    JULY 07Mon: 9am – 8pm
    JULY 08 Tue: 9am – 8pm
    JULY 09 Wed: 9am – 8pm
    JULY 10 Thu: 9am – 8pm
    JULY 11 Fri: 9am – 8pm

    JULY 12 Sat: 9am – 6pm
    JULY 13 Sun: 12pm – 5pm
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    waiting in line?

    hey do you think were going to camp out to get it or will there be enough for everything? because ive been waiting for 6 months for the 3g iphone.
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    I have to work til 5, I am going to stop by the store on my way home to see if a line has formed, if it has it will be a camp out for me. it may be a camp out anyway :) Who's bringing the smores?
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    Same here, just let me know how it is when you're by there J. Either way, I'll probably head over there no later than 11:30pm on the 10th. That way I'm guaranteed a phone, I have a feeling they will be pretty hard to get with the lower price now. It was hard enough the first time.
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    I talked to a salesman at the store. He said he expected a line to start forming on the 8th. HMMMMMM
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    Serioius? I don't think it'll start that early. Although if true, it could pose a problem to some people. Not to me though, upside of not having a job yet ;)
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    I saw that, I read over at one of the Mac sites, that AT&T had intended on doing the same last year and Apple had them open at 6 pm, lets hope for 8
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    Hello, fellow Bakersfield people,

    My friend and I are going to the AT&T store at East Hills at around 5AM. That's where I picked up my first iPhone on June 29th, 2007. :)

    Hope to see you guys there! :D
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    We'll be at the coffee store, but post updates here. Do you twitter?
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    I wish I could just meet you guys at the Coffee store but my friend's mom has to sign his contract and she works right next to the East Hills store. :p

    I will tweet news of the East Hills launch http://twitter.com/tedroddy
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    bummed :(

    can't be there, but with you all in spirit
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    ming vs. coffee?

    Seems like everybody's going to the Coffee location... anybody planning on waiting at the Ming ave. store? Or is the Coffee location just a better bet?

    Opinions: how early to get in line?

    And do we know for certain yet that they'll be opening at Apple's reported 8AM?

    Cheers, Bako peeps.
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    Yeah, the Coffee store seems to be where we'll all mostly be. Not sure how it will work out for me come friday morning, I was actually hoping for a 6PM release like last year. My mom needs to be there to sign the contract since she's the one paying the bill. She'll be at work during the release, not sure if she'll be there in time, I may have to wait there until she's at lunch :\
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    I'm torn

    I can't decide whether to go to the Coffee location to chat with fellow macrumors people or go to the Ming location to avoid you all clogging up the line!

    I went to the Ming ave AT&T today. They looked like they were totally unprepared for the sale (though perhaps i'm too critical, being that it's another 36 hours before the doors open) and in general, the staff (as usual), had no idea what was going on. The lady I ended up talking to seemed to know her stuff... and she said that last year they had a line wrapped all the way around the building.

    But i got the credit check pre-qual thing taken care of. Does anybody know if that's good for all AT&T locations or just the one where i got it done...? Because it would be nice to have the flexibility.

    Will they be selling the Bluetooth headset on-site? Or is that a later release...

    Oh well. Somebody decide for me. Ming or Coffee? Either way i'm going to try to get there at around 7.

    Haha, and if i get there before you, I will gladly sell you my place in line.
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    I keep wondering, "why are you (being me) getting all these people to show up at one location". But hey, it is the experience that counts...right? it doesn't really matter, go where the line is shortest. :) The point is to get an iPhone. But we should have a meetup. And 8 am is confirmed. Make sure to back up your data

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    Almost time! I can't wait. And don't forget, if you go tomorrow and there's too many people, there's a decently sized AT&T off of Truxtun right by Yokuts park. I doubt many ppl will be at that one. I should be at Coffee though. :D :D :D
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    Decisions, Decisions

    I am probably going to the ming store, but I admit it is with some trepidation. I was at the store on Sunday and Tuesday, and the staff did not seem like they were ready for the flood of humanity that was about to wash over them. The manager told me that everyone in line at 6 p.m. last year got a iphone and infact they had phones in stock up until the time that they closed. I thought about camping out overnight on Thursday just for the hell of it, but being 10 feet from Ming avenue for 12 hours does not appeal to me. I will probably be in line by 4 a.m. and hopefully will not have to wait too long once the doors open, since I am "suppossed" to be at work at 8. Thankfully I have a very understanding boss... so much so that he may join me in line as well.
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    i plan to goto easthills, probably wont be as packed as coffee.

    if anyone can swing by let me know if there is a line outside tommorow
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    Hey, I swung by today and there's no line. I plan to check again at 5 and at midnight. I will post back when I do.
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    I just got off the phone with the Coffee store, there is still no line. I'm going to head over in just a little while. Maybe an hour or so.
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    Ok ppl, I'm getting ready to head out in just a few minutes. J, when are you gonna be there?

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