Baldur's Gate for iOS live!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Eriden, Dec 6, 2012.

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    This does not bode well for my productivity...:eek:
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    My weekend's shot. :)
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    Ace, downloading now. Highly deserving of a big w000000t!
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    Uh oh, i see me missing sleep, trains, work, and meals for the foreseeable future.
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    Apparently requires iOS 6 so ipad 1 is out.
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    ... so are JB folks, sticking with 5.1.1, like me. I wonder if the devs really use iOS6 API's. (I bet they don't.) Oh well, no BG for me.
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    I only see enhanced version for $9.99, is that what you folks are getting.

    BTW, I know nothing about this game.
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    Yes, that is the price. There is IAP to buy more characters & DLC if you want to. Google "Baldur's Gate" to get the history of the game. It's an old AD&D game from back in the days.

    BG2:EE is in the works & hopefully will be released sometime next year.
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    Summer 2013 is the current plan. :D
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    ipad 3 vs ipad mini for this?

    How are the touch targets on the mini?

    Monk is a nice addition to BGEE, don't think it was there until BG2 back in the day
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    Has anyone played it on an iPad 2 yet? Curious to see if it runs okay and ill buy it in a heartbeat.
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    I just bought it but I'm stuck at the tutorial. I've never played the game before and can't do the dismantle trap step of the tutorial. I can't see the trap. Bug or is it me ???
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    Anyone up for multiplayer? Just starting out here
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    You probably have to turn on Detect Traps. The trap should eventually light up red, at which point you can click the Thieving button and then the trap and the character should move over and disable it.

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