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Ballmer now believes MS is the new Google...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by boss1, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Article: Ballmer: We are 'hell-bent' on succeeding in ads

    A few months ago the were going to be the new iPod, now they are going to be the new google, by christmas Ballmer will lead the charge to turning MS into the new eBay.

    <insert long drawn out yawn>
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    Teh Don Ditty

    That's the problem with Microsoft, they are trying to be in too many markets at once.

    *Please note: I'm all for product differentiation, but it comes a time to cut your losses and refocus your energy on your core product line. See Apple after the return of Jobs.
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    They've lost it, they may do some advertising on the side and may make money out of it but they will never be an advertising company unless Windows becomes "ad supported".
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    Poor Steve, he's finally lost his mind. What he meant was that Google is the new Microsoft.

    Does anyone else see the specter of Big Blue here? I think the lumbering beast that is Microsoft is finally being taken down.

    But I am slightly biased.
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    That ship has no captain.
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    They did have quite a run...
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    microsoft, the new AOL.
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Pre-Time Warner merger?

    or after?

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    IJ Reilly

    Google is the new Microsoft.
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    I think the problem Microsoft has is the fact that they are spread way too thin. They have been diversifying into every possible market under the sun and have made sure they have an "answer" to every one of their competitors products. MSN + Windows Live has a competing product for almost every Google service which now includes advertising, they also have a competing product for every Apple product (Zune, Urge), these are just to name a few. The only way they survive is from their cash cows (Office and Windows), if they did not have dominance in those two products they would not be able to support the loss on the rest of their products and services. I think the slow adoption of Office 2007 and Vista should definitely shake them up enough that they start focusing on their core products again, especially if more divisions of the company start bleeding money.
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    Isn't Apple becoming the new Microsoft.
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    M$ are doing evertyhing at the moment, and the ironic thing is that they aren't doing anything particularly well. Zune is a flop, Silverlight is a waste and Vista sale are dissapointing compared to what most would expect....

    M$ are not the powerhouse they once were, they ave more competition and better competitors compared with their 90's domination of the information technology industry.
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    Oh no, he lost it LOOOOOONG ago.

    *cue 4chan people chanting "developers, developers, developers," ad nauseum in line on the top floor of the Baltimore Convention Center*
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    It's interesting that Ballmer, the sales guy, is effectively trying to turn Microsoft from a software company into a company that just sells. All this confirms is that he doesn't actually understand what Microsoft is and where its strengths lie.
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    Good ol' Ballmer.
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    Well did you see this article the other day Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems. Little snippet below

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    Plagiarism? Tsk, tsk. I thought more of you. :)

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    Well hopefully that means that Linux then becomes the adware busting program of choice. It's already an inherently great tool to use to destroy Windows-based adware, but if Windows becomes adware then it will be perfect. :)

    Microsoft should never strive to be what Google is, only what it pretends to be. But this is a Ballmer-led Microsoft we're talking about, so the former fits the profile quite perfectly...
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    IJ Reilly

    Oops. It was an honest mistake. :eek:
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    Seems to me it doesn't matter what Ballmer thinks, nearly as much as what Microsoft's paying customers think...

    And people talk about Steve Jobs having an RDF... :rolleyes:
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    Think it's a joke?

    Digg Fires Google for Online Ads


    And why is this a smart move for Microsoft? Because advertisers and those who act on their behalf have clout. Witness the hold that advertisers hold over network television... How to control the story? Go for where the money is.
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    Wow... just so much wow.

    Why do I suddenly envision an 'unturnoffable' Microsoft Ad widget appearing on the widget rip off on Vista?
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    lol. He bears a striking resemblance to a Crushridge Ogre


    Somebody should check to see if he drops anything epic. :)
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    Whatever it is, it adds +25 Bloat.

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