All iPads Bamboo Stylus Users: How hard do you have to press?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by TJ61, Jan 16, 2013.

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    The Bamboo is the only stylus I own or have ever used. It seems like I have to press fairly hard to get it to "write" in apps like Notability, SketchBookX, or GoodNotes, especially compared to how lightly I can write with my finger.

    Is the tip noticeably distorted before you see "ink"? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, do you think just the weight of the stylus would be enough to write?

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have no problem with it. I have two: Wacom Bamboo and Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo. Regards.
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    Jessica Lares

    Wacom sells firm and soft tips, you should try them and see if it makes a difference.
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    I recently got a Maglus. Heavier, and with a sturdier rubber tip. As a result, it's a better writing tool IMHO.
    The Bamboo is still my favorite for drawing/sketching though.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm not so concerned about how much the tip is deforming; just using that as a measure of how hard I'm pressing. I guess the problem is that one person's "pressing really hard" is another's "seems fine".

    I may try another one when I return this one to Best Buy, just in case I got a defective one.

    For anyone that just happens to have an ohmmeter nearby, I do not get a resistance reading when probing the stylus tip (???).

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    I'm using a Boxwave mesh stylus right now, but not liking it for handwriting. There's no tactile feel since it's too smooth on the screen.

    Where can I buy the Maglus? Just from Applydea's website?

    Also, is the tip smaller or bigger than the Bamboo?

    I'm thinking of going with a Bamboo since it's sold locally at Staples.
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    I ordered my stylus on the Applydea website, I think it's the only way. Took about 3 days to ship to Belgium (as advertised).
    The tip (7mm) is a bit thicker than the Bamboo (6mm). That and the shaft shape took some getting used to, but in the end I prefer it over the Bamboo for handwriting notes. And yes, given it's weight, the Maglus needs less pressure to write.
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    Not very...

    I've used a Bamboo stylus for a while now and I've never had to press very hard.
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    If I remember correctly, I read on a review of the Hand stylus that 4mm was the minimum size the iPad would respond to. The Hand stylus tip being exactly that in diameter, means you have to push it harder than a larger tip.
    At the same time, it means that larger tips need less pressure (Bamboo 6mm, Maglus 7mm).
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    Thanks again for all the responses. I made a video that might give an idea of how much I'm having to press. If you have a Bamboo stylus with normal tip, you can probably tell how much I'm pressing by how much the tip is deforming. Note that the whole time I "writing" in GoodNotes.

    Does that look reasonable?

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    That looks terrible! I was about to purchase a Bamboo stylus tomorrow for some note taking I need to do this weekend, and that is definitely giving me pause.

    It looks like garbage.

    No offense, of course.
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    Well, don't rule it out just yet. I'm really leaning towards the possibility that I just got a bad one based on a couple videos I just saw. The problem is I don't have any other stylii to compare it to. In your case, I can't imagine that it would be that much different than your current stylus.

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    I've had more styli than I can remember, including two Bamboos, V1 and V2 Maglus, a couple of Architect styli, an Emote, some Griffin junk, Jot (the big NOT), Alupen, etc. I can tell you right away from the video that it's NOT normal. However, these nibs do get worn out. You can buy a 3-pack of replacement nibs for the Bamboo and it should fix your problem, otherwise your iPad is messed up.

    On a sidenote, my daily driver is the Maglus V2. Larger nib, but still more accurate IMHO.
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    Not reasonable at all, and not my experience either. The response should me much better.
    I hope you'll sort it out, please keep us posted if possible.
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    Thanks to all for the feedback -- I really didn't think this could be normal, but I had no good way of knowing. I'll be returning it to Best Buy in the next couple of days, and will bring my Mini with to test other models. I'll also test on the display iPads to see if that makes a difference.

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    Just got the Bamboo stylus, and spent a good amount of time handwriting in Noteshelf with it.

    Your experience is definitely not normal, you may have a defective unit.

    However, I don't see a noticeable difference between this and the Boxwave Evertouch I also use. At $30, I don't think it's worth it. I think I'm returning it and ordering a Maglus.
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    The Maglus is on a 5-6day shipping delay. Just ordered mine two days ago and got an email saying they're backed up and supplies are extremely limited due to the holiday season.

    Just letting you know is all...I can't wait for mine to arrive :D
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    Yep, got the same email. It's okay, I will make do with the bamboo til then.
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    For the sake of closure:

    Two days ago I purchased a Targus stylus at Target (the $14.99 model), and it fully meets my expectations. I'd say that confirms that the Bamboo I had must have been defective, as I thought. It also confirms that my cheap screen protector is not an issue, FWIW.

    Thanks to all for your input! I haven't done any sketching since my charcoal pencils as a kid (oh, it shows?).


    p.s. the sketch after this one came out kinda blurry :rolleyes:
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    Too bad about the defective Bamboo, but glad to hear you're happy with the Targus.
    BTW, what app did you use for the drawing?
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    Cool sketch bro...
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    I used the free SketchBookX. I looked at ProCreate (probably based on your comments in another thread?), but $4.99 seems a little steep for my ability level. :D


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    Nice job. I have excellent handwriting with my Bamboo but suck horribly at any shapes.
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    I use GoodNotes everyday, so I am very demanding on my stylus. First I got a iFaraday Artist with the firm tip, but the firmness of the tip actually required progressively harder presses, to the point that it was nearly useless. I've sent it back to Rustle to get it replaced with the regular (not firm) tip to see if that works better. While I'm waiting, I bought a BoxWave Evertouch and it is pretty fantastic, I use it every day, has a nice weight to it, and sticks to the magnets on the side of my mini. However, the fibermesh is progressively wearing out, especially because I use the stylus constantly. I've recently ordered a Studio Neat cosmonaut, which should be coming in today. I finally went with the Cosmonaut because of it's robust nature and the overwhelming number of positive reviews on amazon. I know it's not the most popular here, but I'm eager to try it. I know that I prefer the smooth-ness of the conductive fiber tips, but they really just put the fabric on top of the rubber, so I'm considering trying to find some of the conductive fiber and cover the Cosmonaut's tip to make it smoother in writing.

    I've never tried the Bamboo, so I guess this is an irrelevant post :rolleyes:

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