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    Why would we have a banner at the top of for a bunch of multi monitor displays by Ergotron? Not one of the mounts on the banner will support any display that apple makes.
    just my .02

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    From the Forum FAQ:
  3. PBLRDom, Dec 28, 2011
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    noted..... mods... I FIND IT ANNOYING!

    the only reason i find it annoying is because for weeks I've been looking for a mount that will do 3 thunderbolt displays. There is one out there by Monitors in Motion that sells for $1300. Ergotron doesn't make anything that can handle the weight.
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    Did you know you needed to mount 3 displays before you bought the TB displays? If so, I'd say you made a poor decision buying the monitors in the first place.
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    A lot of people have non-Apple displays for use with their MacBooks, Mac Minis and as extensions for iMacs, thus making the banner applicable to the MacRumors community.
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    its not a "need" to mount the displays. Just a want.

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