Barry White dead today at 58.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by medea, Jul 4, 2003.

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    wow, thats sad.

    i personally loved his music.
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    I was shocked when I saw this thread, I never knew he was hospitalised....

    he'll be sorely missed for sure. Love's Theme is one of the all time classic tunes, and i still love hearing it over and over. Wonder if SouthPark's Chef will acknowledge this..... :)

    Rest In Peace Dawg
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    My prayer goes out to his family and friends. He was a humble man with songs that touched a lot of peoples hearts. :(
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    First Katherine Hepburn, then Buddy Hackett, now Barry White...

    It's been a sad week in the world of entertainment. They will be missed.

    (oh, and Strom Thurmond died, too)

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    NICE PIC! :cool:

    Between Mr. White and Mr. Hayes, two of the smoothest Basso Profundos around. Definitely defined FEELING the love in the air around you.

    There will be a fireworks display in his honor sometime after sunset at a public venue near you.
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    it seems like alot of famous people are dying this june, thurmond~hepburn~white its really sad
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    I don't think he will be as missed as Barry White. May all of them RIP
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    Lots of people seem to have died lately. :(

    Barry's voice will be missed. :(
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    Yes. Katherine, Buddy and Barry will be sorely missed.

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    Well he's still dead. So I guess we should feel bad and... yeah, yer right, I won't even pretend to care.

    R.I.P. Katherine, Buddy, Barry, and Screenwriter David Newman (almost forgot about him).

    I'm sure someone, somewhere misses Strom. I suppose.
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    Someone should find the rip mix burn ad and post it as a salute to Mr. White.
    "Bows to a great singer"
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    At least Barry White will live on forever in his music, and people will think of him when they get lucky ;)
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    Besides all those mentioned above I have a person in mind. Larry Burkett went to be with the Lord at 3am July 4th, he was a co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries. The notice of his death brought tears to my eyes, notified via E.Mail! When God called him home, He said well done my good and faithful servant. I just wish to be half as humble and servant as he!
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    the news of his death kinda ended the happy feeling I had coming back from the parties i was at yesterday...I was quite upset...I thought his music was great, it is a sad fact that he wasn't really give record recognision until the 1990s...oy..
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    Damn...guess I'll be playing some of his tunes today in his honor. :(
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    They did a tribute to him in the Simpsons at the very end, but it was cut short by fox for advertising. It's very sad for him to be gone.

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