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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by keeper, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2008

    I'm seeking advise before I buy a mini.

    My current set up is a 2008 macbook pro, with a QNAP 219P NAS and I sync content over to my 1st gen ATV.
    I also run subsonic on the NAS to stream content to phones and my tablet.
    So over all its a little slow and seeing issues with the QNAP firmware, at the moment no Lion users can use time machine via a QNAP NAS, although a fix is on its way.

    To speed things up and take the NAS out i'm thinking of an always on base mini, which will serve as a home hub, I've got 3 1.5 tb disks that I can connect to the mini via USB and use one set with 2 partitions as time machines for the mini and MPB.

    I also have a blu ray rom on order which I can connect to the mini.

    So in the big picture the mini will host all itunes content, plus the time machine drives, and do my ripping of CD;s leaving my old MBP as a general serving duties machine. No games will be played on the mini.
    And i'd guess I may as well replace the ATV and connect the mini direct to TV and AV amp.

    I think i'll also continue to use my dedicated blu ray player for disk watching.

    Would this seem like a good plan before I part with my £520?

    UPDATE: Forgot to add i'll upgrade the ram to 4 or 8 gig.

    Many Thanks Phil

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