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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ri0ku, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Thanks to the uk vat increase.... Not a massive increase but it sucks. Stores still down but the actual air page states the new price. So this means the MacBook base model will be the same price I guess.

    Think I may buy the base air, there's a new financial option with 0% apr which is what u did for my mbp (helped since I'm a student)

    Edit: store back online
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    But think of all the great new things your govt can do with more of your money

    Just paid $948 usd otd for a base 11"
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    If you're a UK student don't forget to use one of the many Education stores/discounts (it depends on what kind of student you are - HE is the best discount)

    It sucks though. They actually went down around 11, just as I was trying to get my order in for an Air before midnight. Now I'm wondering if its a sign to hold off...
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    Yeah like buying 3rd homes and cleaning out their giant gardens and claiming expenses on mars bars (that actually happend btw as insanely sarcastic as it sounds)
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    Expect more people flying to the US or Hong Kong and "smuggling" electronics back to the UK.

    Does the price increase solely represent the increase in VAT, or did Apple also use it as an opportunity to "adjust" the base cost?

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