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Basic Logo Review Part 2

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by theenigmat, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the suggestions on the logo for my church's kids ministry. Now we are moving to the "sub groups".

    Here is the logo for our Kid's Worship Arts.

    I'm not sure if I should totally depart from the original Anona Kids logo in type or layout. I think I might be being too conservative but as always, I'm open to suggestions.


    PS: I'm struggling with kerning on the W, r, and t in this typeface.

    PSS: I've also attached the original Anona Kids logo for reference.

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    I like the continuity between the items. You could maintain that, and add a little more uniqueness, if you wished, but you don't have to. There are three things in common between the two: The font, the style of the mark, and the color of the mark. If you changed one of these, like the color of the mark, for instance, they would still share the font and the style in common and would appear nicely together. As it is, though, with all three things shared, it looks pretty good.

    About the kerning...a lot of the problems are coming from that R, which is just terrible. Perhaps you could make a custom R. That would tidy up a lot of the space issues you're having. I would start by hacking off pieces of a lowercase P, and then adjusting from there. It might not ultimately work, but it is worth a shot.
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    ^ Good comments above. I agree that it is nice to have consistency but I also agree that tweaking one of the 3 common elements may work well to give each group a bit of distinction.

    Seeing as they are children, maybe toy with the idea of the icon being a different primary colour for each sub group (blue red and green), that is assuming there will be more than 1 subgroup which I am pretty sure there will be based on your post...just a thought. If they are children you may also want to try more pastel primaries if you are interested in the idea...

    As for kerning, the poster above is spot on again, that "r" is a piece of work...you could try editing the font as suggested, other than that, not much you can so about the balance and gap.
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    When you have crap type, you're going to have kerning issues. It's that same old computer axiom: Garbage in - Garbage out.

    Easiest way to fix is to change it... or learn to live with it. If you start hacking at the letterforms you'll be opening a big can of worms to deal with. Chances are that the people who chose that face are not going to notice the kerning issues anyway.
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    Agree to some extent, but this seems like a situation where the font is appropriate. Would you rather him use comic sans :p

    I like them, as far as logos for kids stuff goes. The hand-drawn looking star is really sharp. You do have some kerning to clean up though...
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    The arc formed between the "r" and "t" kind of bothers me, the "r" in the other word is really not bad imo, all things considered (it being a youth font/youth group and all), it shouldn't have to look 'perfect'..just have a nice overall feeling or flow. The arc between the "r" and "t" seems to throw off the overall balance though.
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    Sorry to say this (and I do apologies if this has been repeated) but the readability of the font is HORRID thus why the kerning would be near on impossible, it reads like a rollercoaster.

    Conceptually the idea is good, execution however isn't purely because of a the font choice. IMO try another font, a nicer font with a bit more fluidity to the flow Honey Script and Ballpark are both good examples of this idea.
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    I would put it on some sort of a rectangular colored background if that makes sense.

    With the logo threads that have been going on recently, it is hard for me to not photo shop pedobear on there :D
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    Thanks for the input everyone! I'm going to see if I can get permission to change to a new typeface. All the pastors are loving the designs and you were right that nobody said anything about the kerning or the readability. However, I want to see what other fonts are out there.

    And yes, I too have been following the hilarious "make me a logo" threads on here. :) Maybe for the nursery design we can work in an outlined pedo bear with orange filling ;-)

    Thanks guys! If you have any other suggestions for better "felt tip" fonts I'd appreciate them!

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    Designer Dale

    Go to a font site and enter the keyword "marker"

    Example: Marker

    This is Fonts.com. dafont.com will do the same, but click the Theme link first.

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    I don't normally do this but this font is called BlackJack (it's free) which I think would be a much better option IMO

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    Much better! Now, if he uses this, I hope it doesn't get messed up with a bunch of stars. :D
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    I have a quibble here...

    The original typeface clearly reflects the naive quality that children possess. While Blackjack and the other faces you put forth are more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing, I don't think they do as good of a job at reflecting that child-like nature. While it's possible that adding a crudely drawn star would help to reinforce that, I'd keep looking for a typeface that felt more youthful.

    It would be interesting to see some childrens' attempts at creating this logo. It might provide for some point of inspiration or exploration.
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    So, in other words... you don't know anything about developing a logo? There are better ways to convey youthfulness without having to resort to a crappy type face.

    Here's one...

    And here's another.

    In my opinion, the squiggly hand drawn type is borderline cliché - especially when you add stars. Why not push the concept and come up with something fresh? Oh, but that would take research and concept development to accomplish. It's much easier to throw a few stars on top of generic children-styled "type" and call it done. No hard feelings, I get what the OP is trying to do. Good luck with that.
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    You've missed the point, a concept aimed at children should resort to a childish font

    I went for flow, readability and professionalism because it in essence the service wont be children accessing the service rather parents accessing for their children...

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    Well... I don't think I missed the point... I just had a quibble with it.

    I'd agree that one shouldn't choose a childish font merely because the concept is aimed at children.

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