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Basic MacBook Pro at 1100€ vs Mac Mini 800€

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Maccotto, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I am decided for take mac mini i7 2.3ghz at 800€ (Student price) but in my near shop sell macbook pro at 1100€.

    now: WHat is a good performance choice?
    I want photoshop ,lightroom and little videoediting .The mac will be in my study and my mother will use it (I will move macbook for light travels).
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    In terms of processor and memory speed, both are very similar because both use the same class of laptop components. The MacBook has a graphics card which u may find useful. If u need to purchase a monitor for the mini u may end up spending near what the MacBook costs anyways
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    I hava old monitor , keyboard and mouse.
    Both the macs are similar?
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    It depends. Is the MacBook Pro a 13" or a 15"?
    If it's only a 13", don't even bother looking into it, as the CPU in the 13" MacBook Pro is only a dual-core, opposed to the mini's quad-core.
    If it is a 15" MacBook Pro, and you're willing to spend the extra money, that is an insane deal, because you get a quad-core CPU in the MacBook Pro 15" as well as a discrete GPU. But it seems sorta unlikely that it's a new 15" at that price, so I say go with the mini. The mini is a really nice little computer.
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    I spoken about basic 13" mbp
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    Then the mini is a much better computer. Granted if you need portability, of course the MacBook Pro wouldn't be a bad choice, but if portability isn't the primary purpose, go with the mini all the way.
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    Today will switch off the mbp offer and tomorrow will go on mba 13"basic at 1149€.
    Now i got more usefull a macbook and will check my bank : what is better beetween mbp and air ?
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    The MBP has a faster CPU, but a slower hard drive, BUT, you can change both the hard drive and the RAM easily on the MBP, and you can't get inside of an Air. If you were to choose the Air, I recommend you buy 8 GB of RAM in it right away. It depends. Up front, because of the SSD, the Air will be faster for every day tasks, but the MBP will be better at heavier tasking.
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    Are both for a photograpic use with lightroom and a77 raw (24mpx reflex about 30mb) fast?

    In few words ,i want download the photos and make a little fast fix o check .

    Another question : Is MBP a good travel notebook or is too heavy ?:(
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    Alright. The MBP is definitely better for you, as far as using processor heavy functions. The 13" MBP really isn't heavy, and you shouldn't have trouble carrying it around.

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