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Basic Question about HD content on new TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by BasilFawlty, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Ok, I finally entered the current century and got rid of our giant rear-projection Hitachi and bought a Sony XBR55HX929 Backlit LED set. I don;t have everything hooked up yet, but do have my Dishnetwork playing on it via an HDMI cable. I have a couple of questions. When I first turn on the set, I get a little banner at th etop that indicates "720p", which I would assume means I am viewing a show in 720p HD. Is the resolution of the HD just determined by what Dish is sending, or is there a setting I need to adjust on the new set? Do some shows play in 720 and others in 1080(i or p)?

    Also, for anyone who has the Sony XBR set like mine, is there an easy way to tell if I'm looking at 720p, 1080p, etc? I know when I turn off the set, then back on again, I get that little banner for a second or tow that says "720p" for example, and also 16:9. But is there a way to check that without turung the set on and off again?

    Dumb questions I know, but this is my first experience with a true HD TV.
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    Have you already looked into its i-Manual (button on remote)?
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    Yes, but did not read it cover to cover yet. I remember the days when a TV had a tuner and a volumn knob!
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    Me too, in black and white. But there should be a button on the remote, that displays all channel information, at least that was on some Bravia I tested a while ago.
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    OP, you purchased a great set that can definitely handle 1080p. So yes, my guess is that you are watching a channel that is broadcasting at 720p OR you have your Dish box set to output 720p (could the old TV accept 720p; maybe those settings are still in place so that the Dish box is downscaling to 720p)?

    Those little banners usually show what kind of resolution is being received. You can test this by flipping between Dish SD and Dish HD channels. If you also have an over-the-air antenna receiving HD try a CBS network channel in HD (should be 1080i). Dish has some pay per view that is 1080p.

    If you have a BD player, hook it up via the same cable, drop in a BD disc and watch for the little banner. It should show 1080p. Then, try a DVD disc and it should show a SD resolution.

    If you want "full HD" (1080p), the choices seem to be: Blu Ray, some pay-per-view, some newly added iTunes store media, lots of consumer camcorder "home movies" can be shot in 1080p, Vudu.com and a few other online sources.

    HD Television channels are pretty much either 1080i or 720p. I don't think any of them are available in 1080p native. I don't even think there are any plans for any of them to go 1080p.
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    Ok, thanks, that helps.

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