Baskin Robbins Free Scoop Night (4/28/04)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by krimson, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Since there's so many ice cream threads, here's another :)

    Baskin Robbins is giving out a free scoop (2.5oz) of ice cream in support of the First Book program.
    It runs from 6-10pm on Weds 4/28/04.

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    You realize how samll 2.5 oz. are? I'd rather just ask for a sample of each flavor, that alone could add up to 8 oz.
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    question fear

    those kinds of offers always generate LOOOOONG lines....ben and jerrys did something similar once, and it was on the local news that some b and j sites had lines for 2+hrs. just for free ice cream.
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    sorry, should I ask for this to be deleted then? :confused: :p
  5. Nny
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    2.5 oz. multiplied by 31 flavors equals 77.5 oz. of ice cream nummies

    Now THAT'S a free sample!

    Better do some jogging this weekend.
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    Baskin Robbins ice cream is delicious. Boston is a big ice cream town, second only to fish. First Book is a very worthy organization. Reading opens up the power of knowledge.
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    Well Seeing as we don't have any Ben & Jerry's around here, I will be heading to Baskin Robbins then. Thanks Krimson
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    Didn't one of these companies get sued for not meeting minimum dairy price?

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