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Baton Rouge, La. Apple store ..

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by wattsja, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Who's going to be there in person?
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    You mean it's not covered in oil? :D

    (too soon?)
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    doesn't matter, the iPhone has a oleophobic coating.
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    First post... But I'll be there.

    I talked to the manager at the apple store at MOL on Wednesday and I asked her about camping out (in front of the store days before or overnight) and she told me that mall security (who are pricks) are not letting anyone camp out due to safety reasons and they don't want to have to watch over everyone. She told me that If I wanted to, I could get there and camp out in my car until 3 or 4 and then set up my spot. She also told me that If I get there first or if there are other people there already and everyone is in one line to split up walkups and reserves into two separate lines. She DID assure me that there are TWO separate shipment lots. One for reserves and one for first come first served and when they find out how many first come first served iphones they have, they're going to go down the line and count until they reach the amount and send everyone away.

    I plan on getting out there around 2am and seeing if anyone is out there yet or if they are letting anyone get their place in line. If there not allowing a line yet, I'm gonna just sit in my car and "relax".

    And no, I'm not trying to "dupe" anyone who plans on going to the Apple store in BR to assure my spot in line, this is just what I was told. She also told me that, all reserves that are not picked up by the end of closing on the 24th go up for grabs the next morning...
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    I Will
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    I wonder if this is a high demand/long line store. With it being the only one around it may be, but at the same time there seems to be a healthy supply of AT&T stores. I was planning to take a break from work and pick up my reserved phones around 10am.

    Have any of you waited in line at previous launches and have any thoughts on how orderly things run at this store?
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    I'm planning on making the drive from the Mandeville/Covington area. Would go to New Orleans, but looking like there's going to be waaay too many people there.
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    Come to New Orleans..
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    BR is nowhere near the coast. Ha. I will not be there, maybe my roommate. I'll be going to RadioShack that day. I generally avoid the crowds.
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    I was thinking about going after I got out of my class, but I don't get out until 12:30. Any chance I would still be able to get one if I didn't preorder?
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    Highly unlikely...Although, you may still have a shot at grabbing one the following day (if you get there before they open so you can be first) if there are any reserves that weren't picked up on the 24th. All reserves that aren't picked up on the 24th go up for grabs to first come first served on the 25th.... but the $1m question is, how many people are not actually going to pick up their iphones on the 24th and my guess is, not many.
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    Actually a sizable amount of people (as reported in the main forum) were able to both preorder and reserve. If people start to get their preorders tommorow (shipped to their house), there will be alot of unclaimed phones on Friday, especially since they'll have to pay full price if they want it.
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    True, but Pre ordered are phones purchased outright and can not be resold the next day (now if the pre purchased phone sits at the store for a month then it should be fair game), plus most people who Pre ordered their phone had it shipped to their home. But those who reserved (which I was told by an employee was between 600-900 total reserved) and don't purchase their phone the day of the launch are S.O.L.... Personally, I don't have a reserve because it got messed up somehow during the madness on the 15th so I plan on getting to the apple store as early as mall security will let me. If I don't get one Thursday, you can bet ill be up at the apple store several hours before they open at 10am on friday to try and get my hands on one of the forgotten reserves. But if what you read is correct (which makes 100% sense that people did that) then our chances of getting an iphone are higher than expected.

    Also, I would expect the apple store to be a bit busier than other places on both days due to the fact that Best Buy went wayyyyyy over their pre order limits (25 16 gb and 15 32gbs from what Ive heard) so there are sure to be some ticked off people come Thursday. Also, I read that its not a guarantee that all radio shacks will be getting iphones and if they do get them, it wont be more than their pre ordered amount.... I wouldn't even consider trying ATT (MAYBE as a desperate last act)on Thursday after the SNAFU that went on with them. From what Ive read, Walmart (yes Walmart) may be one of the better options because Walmart did not take any preorders of any kind for the new iphone so all of their stock is 100% up for grabs. But I'm not sure if only a few (which would be my guess, that and only super Walmarts) or all Walmarts will be getting the iphone nor how many they will be receiving (which i doubt is a lot).

    I'm sticking with the apple store thou. I have a friend that works up there and if he closes on Thursday I'm gonna have him call me and tell me how many, if any, reserves were not picked up and will be up for grabs the following morning as well is if he will be working so he can hide one for me lol....

    Also, I wouldn't get to excited about the email thats been sent about their iPhones arriving a day early, especially after all the huge fails that happened during the preordering. It may have been a glitch. Considering how ATT sent out preorder confimration emails to people and then sent a follow up email the next day canceling their order, the crashing of the ATT and Apple websites and the whole madness from the 15th make me feel like this may be a glitch.... or maybe its the real deal and they will get their iphones a day early from apple as a way to say thank you for putting up with our debacle and massive epic fail across the board. It just makes no sense why they would say the iphone would be released and shipped on the 24th only to change the shipping date to the 23rd two days prior to the launch date... but then again, stranger things have happened.
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    Just talked to the people at the Apple store again about 2 hours ago and they told me that security is not letting anyone wait out in front and form a line until 6am..... Personally, I think that's BS. I can understand if people tried to form a line at 1am but why not allow it till 6am? People are going to be waiting in their cars and then make a mad dash to the door like a pack of wild horses lol. I think them not allowing anyone to form a line until 6am will cause the first earthquake to ever hit Baton Rouge lol.... that or a mini riot, but lets hope thats not the case and everyone is civil because its only a tech toy not an asteroid.

    But anyways, I thought I would pass that bit of info along... Also, I tried to get them to tell me if they know how many first come first serves they are getting or have received and of course they wouldn't tell me anything other than they got two separate shipments.
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    It's crazy what you hear from different people when at the store, I too was there a few hours ago and the employee acted as if she had no idea as to the details of the release (lines, time when lines will be allowed, etc.). I plan to get there early and make a game time decision. We'll see how it goes launch day.
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    Just so you know, Apple didn't allow people to buy the phone online to pickup in store (preorders shipped to store). If you pre ordered it had to be shipped to your house. Only non payment based reservations and walk ins are what's going down at the store.

    AT&T is the one who took pre orders shipped to store.
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    I know, thats exactly my thoughts. I don't believe a one bit of what they say because the guy told me (after covertly chit chatting with him about random nonsense to get him to loosen up on info) that they were told to not to say anything other than that there are two shipments and people can start getting in line at 6am.

    I seriously doubt that the MOL security will come down hard like the Chinese military on people starting to get in line and setting up their lawn chairs before 6am. I could care less what time they quoted me because I plan on getting there as soon as possible and park my truck in the most opportune spot and sit and wait to see what kind of action is going on as far as people showing up. If people start showing up in droves prior to 6am, I could care less about their 6am time frame. I'm gonna set up my spot and start the line when I feel its time. I had reserved my iphone on the 15th but it got deleted from the system in the mist of all of the chaos. Plus I SERIOUSLY doubt the MOL security would say to a group of people more than 15 at 4am, after they have formed a line and are being civil and chit chatting, that they cant continue to wait in line and have to leave their spot... There will be blood (not really, jk) if I'm first in line (one of the first 15 people in line) and they tell me I have to leave and have to bring my lawn chair with me so that I cant save my spot in line.

    But on a lighter note, I read today that at ATT stores they are receiving separate shipments on June 29th for first come first served. It also mentioned in the youtube video by ATT that they specifically asked that no one camp out at their stores on June 29th lol. In fact, heres the link to the video I'm talking about....
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    Just talked to a guy that works at the store that lives in my apartment complex. He said employees are planning to get there around 5am and mentioned that he heard that if you are parked overnight (i.e. park and camp in line) that they will ticket your vehicle. I asked about the 6 am deal and he said that he hadn't heard anything regarding MOL security booting people from the line. So thats my contribution.
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    Wow, this really is some major ********. I camped the mall of Louisiana apple store for the 3G and we showed up there around 12:30am. There was security there and they were forbidding a line, but by the time 1:30 rolled around there was enough people in the parking lot to make everyone nervous. No one wanted to get shafted when the line did finally form. I don't know what exactly caused it, but all the sudden ten or so people started sprinting towards the apple store, upon seeing the commotion, me, my friend and the other 45 or so people began dashing as fast as we could. Within 30 seconds we had a line in front of that store about 60 people long. It continued to grown throughout the early morning.

    Someone needs to take charge this time. Show up super early in the parking lot with a sign that says "line starts here". Have people park to the left. Then hand out a flier with a number to the people that show up in cars in order. Come time for the line, everyone with a flier should police each other and make sure the line forms fairly. I know I know, only in a perfect world. But it would be pretty damn cool if someone took matters into their own hands since no one else will do anything. . .

    I was seriously considering camping this launch but I really want the white model and even though it kills me to wait and kills me even more my gf is getting a pre ordered phone; I'm doing it. I'm waiting. I love the white. My original 3G was white and I loved it. The new white iPhone looks even nicer.ahhhh! Can't wait! At least I'll be able to play with hers, but everyone knows that's not the same, sometimes it makes it worse. . .
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    Does anyone think that a lot of people will show up? I was thinking of getting to the store around 5 am, is that too late?
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    Even if your in your vehicle? Thats messed up because the manager at the apple store told me that for the launch of the second generation of the iphone that people got their really early and waited in their cars until they were allowed to form a line and weren't ticketed (at least she didn't say they were so I assume that they weren't). I could care less if the MOL security tickets my car because its not a EBR police or sheriff ticket so they can ticket my car as much as their heart desires. hell they can even boot my damn truck for all I care, as long as i get my iphone I'm cool... Ill make sure to have my heavy duty socket wrench set with me just in case they boot my truck lol.... I used to work at MOL for 7 years as an Assistant manager at Journeys and we would have several nights where we were their until 4 or 5am doing store audits or finishing stock shipments during back to school and Christmas holidays and they never pulled any of that nonsense.

    But I agree with the previous poster about taking matters into their own hands. I actually printed up two signs today for the two separate lines that read "The line for Reserved iphones customers starts here (and had an arrow pointing)" and "The line for first come first served iphone customers starts here( also had an arrow pointing)"... I included a footnote on the bottom of each that said "the apple store will be opening at 7am. Please get in the proper line and be patient. Customers with reserved iPhones will be served first. Followed by first come first served customers. Thank you for your patience.".... Don't know if they'll be of any use given what I'm hearing. I also love the idea of printing out numbers for those who get their first regarding forming the line.
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    I remember that day. It was insane. By 10 A.M. there was a line nearly the entire length of the courtyard.
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    I will be there too driving in from Deridder, leaving @ 12:30 should be there no later than 3 for me. I think there is going to be a good number of extra pre-orders not used come Friday, I myself know I have one extra cause somehow I had two pre-orders go through. As far as MOL security goes, do what ever the HECK yall wan't EBR police and sheriff really can't do much since it is Private Property, and I don't see "Paul Blart" being out there on his Segway. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!
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    I don't think he was saying they would ticket if you were in your car, but there is a possibility that they would if you were outside apple. Who knows. I just hope that getting there around 4 is sufficient because anything before that seems absurd. 60 people were in line at 2 am for the 3G release? That's crazy, and the hype for this instillation of the iPhone is much larger. Well, less than 24 hours and we'll find out.

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