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Baton Rouge, LA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Kashchei, Jun 14, 2008.

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    How may Baton Rougeois are going to be at the new Apple store on July 11? I know I am (it's going to be a wonderful birthday present for my wife).
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    Mall of Louisiana - Apple Store

    i think i'll be driving over from Lake Charles to come stand in line at the Apple Store.

    chase :apple:
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    I'm sure I'll be there.
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    New apple store @ Lakeside mall too!

    Does anybody know when the new Apple store will open up in Lakeside mall? Will it be before July 11th?
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    the lakeside store will not be open until october/november-ish, about the same time macy's opens i imagine.
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    Trying to decide if the Apple store or an ATT store would be the best place to go to. How early do yall think one should show up at either location?
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    i'm going to the apple store just because i think the atmosphere will be a little bit friendlier with true apple fans. i live in lake charles and i'm going straight to baton rouge after work to go get in line. so that means i'll be there about 2:30 am. not sure what the turn out is going to be...
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    lakeside apple store hollaaaa!
    totally applied online!:D

    anyway, wish i could get my phone at the store in br, but i don't have time to drive an hour and make a day of it.
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    I live in BR, and think that the apple store would be the best way to go. The employees are competent and actually looking forward to the release, which I found surprising and welcoming.:)
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    When should we line up?

    I went to ATT store and they said few hours before should be sufficient but they couldn't comment on how many they had. Hadn't been to the Apple Store today but I called and there is no line as of yet.

    I know people camped out 3+ days in Baton Rouge for PS3's. I was working as a manager for Best Buy at the time and we had more people in line than we had PS3's. I just don't want to be in that situation.
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    i'm anxious to see the turnout at the apple store. this is the first major product launch since the store's opening. i'll be there after work (around 1), scared to see how many people will be ahead of me X_X
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    As of 10:30 this morning there are two people in line. I went to the store to see if they had the cases that were going to be available out. The person I talked to said no 3G cases until tomorrow.

    Two people in lawn chairs were just outside the door. I checked the weathers and there are going to be scattered showers in the area until around midnight. If any of you guys are reading this post please let us know what time you are going. Also be prepared in case of rain. I was going to bring one of my older Macbooks and use the store wifi to surf the net. I might end up just going to ATT store so I can hook computer up to car and run a cable. We'll see.

    Best of lucks getting a new toy gents!
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    Oh geeze, that sucks, already 2 people. I won't be able to get to Baton Rouge for another 13 hours. eek. well PLEASE, if anyone gets there later tonight and there is a SUPER long line, can u please e-mail me so that I just won't make the 2 hour drive to baton rouge and just buy one in Lake Charles.

    email: chaseardoin@me.com
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    My wife is meeting a friend for drinks out there at 5. Depending on the line at 5 I am going to make the call between ATT store and Apple store. I called Apple and told them I noticed a line when I was there this morning could they tell me how many people were in line because I live like 30 mins away. They told me I would have to come and see for myself that they were unable to give that information.

    I'll be pissed if I spent 14+ hours out there and don't get one LOL.
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    Any update on how many people are in line right now?
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    My wife just left the store. She said they told her that 3 people had been in line. I saw 2 at 10-10:30ish. They told her they got to hot and then got rained on and packed up and left at 2. So there is noone in line at this point. My wife is going to give me an update when they get done with dinner. I would ideally like to get there no earlier than 8 but I don't want to miss out. For upgrades do you guys think it will be easier at ATT or Apple?
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    i'm going to an at&t because as an employee of a local hospital i'm entitled to a 15% discount on service plan fees. i can envision apple not necessarily knowing how to process such customers. i think i've just decided to go to the at&t on clearview / s. I-10 service road
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    I just left an ATT store with absolutely noone in line. I think I'm going to try again at 5 and take my chances I guess.
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    JUST got home with my unactivated iphone from baton rouge apple store. i was 90th in line, got there about 6:25am. MAN it was HOT.
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    YouTube video of line at At&T store at 7:30am in Baton Rouge

    Here is a video I shot this morning at the AT&T Corporate Blvd. store at 7:30am in Baton Rouge. We were 12th in line and got there at 5:15am. Left the store at 9:30am with an unactivated phone and did not get the white iPhone 3G activated until 3:15pm at home due to all the Apple server problems:


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    Got to the Bluebonnet mall around 6:30am yesterday and saw about 100 people in line at the apple store, so I went inside and got in line at ATT. I was #15 in line there I think. Finally got my unactivated 8gb phone around 9am, had it activated by 10:30am at my house. Just had to keep clicking 'iPhone' in iTunes to reconnect every 2 minutes after the connection failed.

    G'luck to yall.
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    Nice video man

    I work at the coldstone right around the corner and I was thinking how many people would be in line at that ATT

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