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Battery Charged out of the box?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jshort, Mar 11, 2011.

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    My original iPad was fully charged when I pulled it out of the box.. my iPad 2 has been on the charger for 30 mins and it's still going. What are some other experiences?
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    Mine was fully charged, my brother's wasn't. Both 32 gb wifi.
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    That's bizare, I'm pretty sure all my apple products havev come with charge straight out the box.
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    Mine was at 93% out of the box. 32 Wi-Fi
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    96% out of the box
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    80% out of box.
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    95% if ya care
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    70% give or take a few for me, wasn't really paying attention and it's been charging for a little while now.

    I got a Verizon one; I wonder if cellular models will tend to have drained a bit compared to wifi only ones.
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    Not iPad 2 but my previous purchases like 64GB iPad 3G took less than 5 minutes to fully charge.
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    Mine was 82% been usin it fornalmost 3hrs down to 53%

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