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Battery died while turned off...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mediocrefuzz, Aug 3, 2011.

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    I have a White Macbook, 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB DDR3 memory, 320GB hard-drive.

    A few months back I noticed my battery life had started decreasing, not an awful lot just a enough for me to notice. And today was the first time I shut down my mac since I installed Lion last week and after 11 hours of been turned off I went to turn my mac on and it wouldn't, the battery was completely dead. I turned on my power supply and the macbook turned on, started up slower than normal, and after I logged in. There was no status bar at the top until I change spaces, and only half the status bar was showing information which was the right side with the clock etc. After opening Finder the it all returned to normal.

    So yes, what is going on? If anyone knows?

    I bet someone says go to an Apple store.
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    If it's back to normal, there's no need to do anything.
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    Well yeah right now all is working fine. But I'd still love to know why my Macbook battery died when the Macbook was turned off. I shut it down with 100% battery and 11 hours later it had 0%. Nothing connected to it was turned on. Everything was unplugged.
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    It may not have shut down all the way, which can happen and could drain the battery. I was thinking you were talking about sleep mode for some reason though. I wouldn't worry about it unless that happened again.
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    How often were you using the Macbook prior to this happening? Did you power it down frequently, or just primarily keep it plugged in and in sleep mode?

    Were you running any intensive programs prior to this? Do you still have plenty of free-hard drive space?

    Haha lots of questions I know, but it doesn't add up so I'm just trying to figure something out. Could very likely be the battery itself, in which case you could probably have Apple replace it assuming you are under warranty/AppleCare.
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    Aye think i'm going to do shut it down again tomorrow and see what happens.
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    I use my macbook whenever i'm not at work. I shut it down about once a week and let it sleep the rest of the time. I also let the battery run down to give it a full recharge about once a week.

    Yeah before shutting down I was using some intensive programs all at once.

    Aye got over 100gb left.
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    Using those programs all at once will drain the power by themselves if left "running" in theory. But a complete shut down should have caused them to stop running. If somehow they didn't stop, there's your cause.

    Again could be a faulty battery. If you're looking to get a new battery for free, and you're under warranty, odds are you could probably squeeze one out of Apple.
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    Aye i've done a checkup on my battery, its at 95% health or something. Not under warranty anymore. But should be fine I guess.

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