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Battery exchange for power/ibooks

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by swindmill, Sep 29, 2006.

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    I'm curious as to how long it is taking for others to receive their new batteries from the most recent battery recall. I don't remember the exact date of the recall but I filled out the form as soon as it came out and have yet to receive the replacement. My girlfriend got her new battery in less than a week when the MBP recall was done. No big hurry to get it; I'm just curious if I'm the only one who hasn't received it yet.
  2. Sly
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    Still waiting for my replacement, the replacement confirmation came in over a month ago now.
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    been a month and 5 days for me, and no battery.
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    I'm based in Europe, but got mine within 7 days of registering on the website.

    ::Edit:: more specifically, based in Denmark, at the moment
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    My users have been waiting over a month and still no replacement.
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    Received mine a week ago, applied for one on the day of the announcement.

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    By what method is Apple shipping these?
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    FYI I received mine today (Oct 9th) and I submitted the request on Aug 27th, which is just in the 4-6 weeks as they said in the email :)
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    I applied on the day on the announcement and had one in two weeks.

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