Battery isn't charging correctly, Help?!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by helios16v, May 24, 2010.

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    My PowerBook battery stopped working on me after I painted the back of my LCD and then after about a week it just decided it would work again but now my charging to use ratio is so bad it's not even worth using anymore. Lastnight I used the PowerBook for about an hour and a half of energy saving mode and the brightness at half way. It ran down from 100% to 35% battery life in that time. So my battery life isn't that bad considering this is te factory battery that came with it. Now the bigger problem was when charging it said 10:26 until charged, 10 HOURS?!?.
    Now today after I had left it all night to charge I used it for almost 2 hous and drained it from 100% to 28% and now it says 1:39 until charged which sounds more like it but now I'm worried because it is getting sooo hot that it feels like it's melting my legs. It got pretty hot before but this is hurting it's so hot now so I don't know if I should keep using it or is it going to blow up or who knows what lol.

    Any help would be great.
    Keep in mind that my battery still reaches 100% charged and before I took it apart I was averaging about 4 hours of use out of it.

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    It's 42% charged now and it says exactly 10 hours until charged, WTF is wrong with this thing?!
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    Is it the original battery? If so, then I'm not surprised and the problem is simply that your battery is old. Otherwise, maybe you didn't connect something well enough?

    As for the heat issue, is it coming from the battery? That might be dangerous... but if not and you had to redo the heatsink connection when you took it apart, that just means you did a better job than what it was originally since it's flowing more heat.

    You could also try resetting the PMU.

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