Battery issue iOS 7 beta 6

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by lazybump91, Aug 18, 2013.

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    How to differentiate your battery from "still-charging" and "full-charged" ? The "electric" logo beside the battery logo are not shining/flashing in iOs 7 beta 6.
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    Been like that for a few betas now. Just turn on your battery percentage and see what percent charged it's at.
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    turning the % on don't show trickle charge best solution i have found is the "BatterySaver" App its top 10 in the free section on the AppStore. Hope i have helped
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    So is that consider a bug that apple should've fix but yet to fix?
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    It's probably not a bug. I don't see how it could be.
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    You are correct and it is an annoyance not knowing when the charge is truly completed.
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    Even without the % indicator on ... when phone is locked and charging , you press button to come out of sleep, it blinks the current % quickly on lockscreen saying like "87% Charged" . etc ... so you can actually still see if its 100 or not
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    then why would they change the flashing part to non flashing ? make no sense :confused:

    yea, i always leave my phone until fully charged then unplug.

    make no sense as well, when you're at 100% doesn't mean the battery is fully charged.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say I got 10 hours of battery use and 12 hours of standby on beta 6. I'm pretty sure that's the best I've ever gotten.
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    I agree. I'd like to see the flashing indicator return. no idea why they would purposefully remove that.
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    Maybe in iOS 7 it does.
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    I can use my phone same as iOS 6, but iOS 7 shows that i only use my phone for 4 hours in iOS 7 while in iOS 6 it shows 7 hours, confuse :confused:

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