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battery takes LONG TIME to rechard

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by clin86, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Does any of your macbook airs take super long to recharge? Mine was at 33% and it took almost 6hrs. I already tried to re-calibrate the battery and did the PMU reset thingy
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    mine from empty 3.5-4 hours :)
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    Mine charges relatively quickly to about 75% then slows way way down
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    That is the normal behavior. It fast charges to around 80% and then trickles to 100%.

    To the OP: Slow charging is a known issue with the MBA, read around this forum. After a few charges it should start charging in a normal amount of time.
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    Takes me about 2.5 hours from 10% to 80%.
    From 80% to fully recharged is another 2.5 hours.
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    First charge for me was 7 hours, however after doing 2 complete charges/discharges it now charges to 80% in 2 hours, then trickle charges the rest over 1.5 hours.

    Spoke to Apple over the weekend, i was told the long first charges are expected behaviour until the battery is correctly calibrated.
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    I just got the air today, and the first charge (after I drained it) is taking 8 hrs around. Should I just wait it out and the solution will find itself or do I need to do something? THanks.
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    give 2-3 full charges and it should get shorter. mine now takes 2.5-3 hrs to recharge. But my first few where 8-9 hrs. I actually returned my macbook air for this reason before i found out that it would get better in time. So after finding this out I went back to the store to get my macbook air back. Happy I did I love this thing.:D
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    Thanks! It says 3 hrs left and it's at like 60%...

    So you're saying the problem will just go away on its own after I discharge/charge a few times? 3 hrs is fine.

    And what about the clicking sound...is that normal? I frequently hear quiet clicks...is it normal for this kind of HD? Not terribly annoying, but it's more noticeable than in my old MBP.

    thanks for the advice!
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    yea i get the same exact problem. Long battery recharge times and hard drive clicking.
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    I've tried recharging like 3 times now and even tried COPS. Still taking 8 hrs.
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    Oh, I hate hard-drive clicking, that's a drag! :(
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    are there any other solutions to the battery recharge problem besides cops?
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    My first full charge took a little over 8 hours. I ran the battery all the way down to the point where they system shut itself down.

    Since it sounds like this is "normal" behavior I won't worry about it at this point. So far, I am loving this thing.

    Knock on wood, but my MBA sits flat, doesn't click and the backlit keyboard seems to be working properly. Maybe I lucked out :)
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    I had the same problem. After 15 charge cycles, it was still taking 7 to 8 hours to charge. I tried to COPS routine at least 3 times. Finally, I took it to the Genius Bar and they replaced the unit. My new MacBook Air charges in 3.5 to 4 hours right out of the box. I'm happy I switched it out!
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    I'm so frustrated with apple stuff already. everything I buy from them has SOME sort of defect. It seems like mine is busted, according to istat pro ive actually been thru 6 charge cycles and now its at 33% with 6.5 hrs to completion.

    Damn, i'm frustrated. Now i have to format the computer, pack it up, go back to the store, and hope to win the apple lottery this time....

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