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Battlefield 1942 vs Call of Duty2

Discussion in 'Games' started by Bassetdad, May 31, 2006.

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    How does Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition compare against Call of Duty2?
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    No comparison. Totally different games that just happen to both have WWII has subject matter.

    Are you talking single-player, multi-player, or both?
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    Totally different games

    I prefer multi player (online), but I do play the single player also.

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    Well.. still hard to say.

    Battlefield 1942 is a pretty old game, so it's graphics and gameplay are kind of limited. When it comes to singleuser play, the AI is completely retarded and it's very frustrating to play sometimes. Multiuser play is fun, but again, it's an old game (and has since been replaced by Battlefield 2 for the PC), but it does have plenty of action left in it. Plus vehicles!

    Call of Duty 2 is a new game, and is pretty darned good. I've only played singleuser play on a PC, but the graphics were great and the missions were pretty solid (the AI is upgraded from CoD1). However, I've heard complaints about the multiuser play. I've no idea, I suspect it's just fine. But no vehicles.
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    Yeah they are too very different games. BF1942 has vehicles and that really makes a difference in how you play the game. Plus there are a lot of mods out there for BF1942. Buy them both... their not that expensive.
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    I haven't played CoD 1 or 2, but BF1942 has given my hours upon hours of fun. It is one of the best multiplayer games I've played.

    Also, ther are tons of Mods for it. There are modern warfar ones, pirate ones, Star Wars one, car racing ones, its crazy.

    Check out http://www.macologist.org/ for Mac friendly mods.
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    Both different games if you're into multiplayer more go with Battlefield. For single player mode go with CoD

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