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BBC iPlayer for Mac launched

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Downloads sometime in 2008: Apple have got to get Flash onto the iPhone asap... maybe a MWSF announcement or software release?
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    I tried it on Have I Got News For You and the Armstrong & Miller Show from last night... worked pretty well, apart from having to restart A&MS once when the stream failed.

    Sure they'll get the bugs worked out sooner or later!
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    It would have been nice if they had just put them on itunes with drm rather than add new software.
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    Still no good

    Does not matter, I still cannot watch Top Gear. I hate politics.
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    Now I can watch Sense and Sensibility! :)
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    Ditto :(
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    I've used it quite a lot. Its had an error around 10 times since launch, which isn't great.
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    Damn I just saw this and though "holy crap! finally!" Didn't realise it was still the streaming player news. I've yet to get through a full program before it trips up and dies.

    Still it's good to put on half a program when I'm eating in the kitchen!
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    Its generally been OK for me...

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