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BBC News: Apple's Mac OS X Tiger 'the most stable and reli...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 10, 2005.

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    I hope its well ahead of XP, isn't XP over 4 years old now?
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    XP was released on 25 Oct 2001, so yeah, pretty close to 4 years.
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    Yeah, but Paul Thurrott said that OS X, v10.4 "Tiger" was akin to a Microsoft Service Pack.

    So, using that logic you could say in comparison to Tiger, Windows XP is only a few months old.
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    I think all the comments in the article brought up valid points regarding upgrading to Tiger. Applications break; this is to be expected with ANY major operating system update from ANY vendor. Minor bugs WILL be found in the initial release; the vast majority of these will be fixed with the first patch. There will be a time lag before all the major applications work properly with the new OS; this too is completely normal.

    Now, for the Tiger-specific stuff:

    Tiger sure got plenty of hype. Unfortunately, if the big features (Spotlight, Dashboard, Core Image, etc.) aren't helpful for you or don't work properly, the little ones (ability to fill PDF forms, kernel changes to lessen compatibility issues, etc.) won't make you much happier. Just like when Panther was released, there are plenty of annoying bugs in the initial Tiger release. Unlike Panther, almost all of these are minor niggles rather than workflow disruptors and show-stoppers (the infamous FireWire drive bug and the broken FileVault bug both spring to mind).

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