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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ZipZap, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Its my own fault. I should have realized that they were leading me on with promised of a corrected MBA skin.

    Instead, I let too much time pass and now I can't take any action through Paypal.

    I ordered the wood tone skin from them and put it on my 2010 MBA. I perfectly aligned the skin to the Apple logo, but the skin was then off on 2 sides. I tried to compensate but either the edges or the apple logo were going to be off.

    I alerted sticker boy .NET immediately, and thus started the journey to nothing. At first they seemed like they wanted to help. They asked for pictures which I sent showing a perfectly aligned apple logo and 2 edges that were off.

    They sent me an invoice link to purchase a new skin and agreed that once I took off the old one and sent it back I would get a refund. Problem was they sent it in the wrong amount in the invoice. I requested a new invoice and they promised to do so.

    A couple of weeks went by with me reminding them. I finally got a response saying it had been escalated to someone else. Again more waiting.

    Then this Octivv guy says that I must admit to installing it improperly before they would talk to me further. I argue but eventually agree as I wanted a properly cut replacement. More time passes then he tells me his enginners are working on new installation instructions for me that will ensure I do it right.

    Ok, I guess that will help though I never thought I misinstalled it and my pictures proved I did not. More time passes. Nothing, no responses, nothing.

    Then a promise it will b ready by X-Mas....and that passes. I get sidetracked at work and forget. In the end, by the time I get back to this its too late to dispute.

    I can see no reason why they would have treated me so badly, other than they knew I was right and the skin was miscut. They could have sent a replacement, but I bet they are all miscut. They could have been honest and offered a refund. Nope.

    So word of caution to all. If you get a bad skin, give them 3 days to make it right or return it. When you return also dispute the paypal payment.
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    Bought MBA tops and bottoms from these guys, nothing but good service. They forgot to send me a cf apple logo for one skin, called them and they sent me 4 in diff colors....
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